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 I think I'm coming down with a cold. Is there anything I can do to ward it off, or to make it go away faster?
I woke up with a sore throat Saturday morning, and I just have so much work to do that I don't have time to lie in bed and be sick....

 Please help EMERGENCY?
Okay I am a 18 year old female and inbetween the bottom of my earlobe and right before my jaw starts there is a HARD lump. It hurts if I put pressure on it and its less that a half of an inch wide. C...

 Help, please? What happens when you swallow soap?
Please help me. :( My friend just swallowed half a bar of soap on a dare her cousin gave her. She says she feels fine, but I'm still worried.

I heard that you get sick after eating ...

 Is there anything out there for an ear infection?
ok i really don't feel like going to the doctors is there anything out there for an ear infection so i don't have to go to the doctors?? thanks!!...

 Whats more annoying? hillary clinton or an icepick in the eardrum?

 Is it bad to eat just b4 u go 2 bed?
my friend says it's scientifically bad for you, but iswear it helps me get a better sleep....

 What is depression? Can it be confused with anxiety and not boredom?

 What is a normal oxygen saturation level?

Additional Details
Is it different depending on altitude?...

 Why does drinking cause memory loss?
Sometime when I go out drinking, I will speak to a friend the next day and they'll talk about things that happened, that I was a part of and have not even the slightest idea as to what they are ...

 What can i eat when i have a stomach virus?
I have the stomach virus and i dont know what to eat. i normally dont have a sensitive stomach but since i have the virus i do. im not allergic to anything so do you have any recemondations?

 Hospital Volunteer?
Does anyone know the mininum age for doing this?

In ...

 How do you help your lazy friend lose weight? She doesn't like her weight and it's affecting her life outlook.
She likes to sleep a lot and drinks alone. She hasn't been on a date in months, maybe years. I'll take her out to clubs and I'm the only one that gets attention, and it bothers me that ...

 When somebody dies that i know i get this feeling come over me i can't talk when it happens what is it?
i have felt this way ever sence i was a young girl it almost feels like daeshavoo but isn't sometimes i vomit when it is real strong.
Additional Details
i get this dejavu feeling ...

 What foods should you eat to reduce the risk of heart disease?
nedd answer asap ...

 How do I stop nausea from Vicodin?
I was prescribed Vicodin for pain and it makes me so nauseous that I keep throwing it up. I've heard it's a common problem with this class of pain killers. Anyone have any tips or tricks? ...

 I seem to have run out of toilet paper. All I have are Q-tips, what should I do?

 Can we sleep without dreams?

 Is it okay to put hydrogen peroxide in your ear?
I have an ear ache and want to try and clean it out. Is hydrogen peroxide okay? And what is the best home remedy you know of?...

 How long do hickeys last??

 Does it hurt when you get a pointy shoe in your bum hole?

What is the exact age when girls usually stop gaining height?
please reply sooooooooooon

It's my understanding that body and height growth in girls starts around age 10 and is complete by age 16. Girls tend to be taller and heavier during early adolescence which occurs during the ages of 10 to 14. Hope that helps.

yup about 16

i know the growth sprut starts around the age of 10 and can last thru til they are 16yrs old

Kofi Otseidu

Whenever you start your period and get it regularly is when you stop growing.

15 to 16


exact, usually ... in the same question.
Make up your mind!

two years after you get your period
atleast my doctor had said that i wouldn't grow anymore and it was two years after i was only 14

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