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What is the difference in green rubbing alcohol and the regular rubbing alcohol?

the color

The green one absorbs more light in the 680 nanometer wavelength region.

the color

Joshua B
Blindness and a stint to the hospital.

The green one has a different scent, that's the only difference.

Apples to Apples
The green rubbing alcohol had menthol added to it so it smells better than regular rubbing alcohol.

just the dye put into it and maybe the smell depending on what they may add to it... someone said menthol... menthol is not green.... it's a white powder.... the dye is what they add.... and if they add a scent to make it smell like menthol, it would say so on the bottle... but normally they don't.... it's just your mind that makes you think it smells different unless they add something

jason a

Rubbing alcohol is simply isopropyl alcohol and water, in varying percentages, from 50% alcohol to 99% alcohol. The green stuff has additional additives, like menthol, oil of wintergreen and coloring.

the clear alcohol or rubbing alcohol is 50% isopropyl
(an antiseptic) use it 4 minor muscular aches and the common stuff like cuts and scrapes.the green is 70% isopropyl it doesn't help with sore mussels.

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