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what do you call those metal buckets in hospitals that you pee in?...

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 Mosquito bite?
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 What does it feel like to be entered?

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What is the difference in Level 1,2,and 3 Emergency Rooms?

what kind of bandaids do they put on your headache?

Emergency rooms do not go by levels in my areas but i imagine level 1 is for people that need attention first, level two not as crucial as level 1 and level 3 , the lesser emergency patients. Only my supposition.......bettyk

The difference in levils (123) all it is saying is the type of criticaly ill or injured PT's. 1 can handle any type of emergency where a three can only handel small injures kind of like you samller local helth centers

The higher the number the more Trama thay are propared to Handle..

A trauma 1 is an ER with surgeons on staff 24/7, it is designed to handle the most serious emergencies. Trauma 2 and 3 are just steps below that because they don't have emergency surgeons on staff 24/7, and will handle smaller emergencies

i assume you are talking about trauma centers.

Level I trauma centers: all emergencies; also prevention, rehabilitation, and usually university teaching hospitals (traumatology research)
Level II trauma centers: all emergencies, but without the teaching dimension
Level III trauma centers: most common emergencies including small surgery (especially orthopedic surgery)
Level IV trauma centers: patient assessment, emergencies that do not require advanced care

A Level 1 Trauma Center is equipped to handle the most serious of traumas. All health services would be available, from neuro to ortho to cardio to burn.

Here in Atlanta, Grady Memorial is the only Level 1 in the area.

A Level 2 is equipped to handle most trauma but would be limited in some resources (might not have a burn unit but have every thing else).

Here in Atlanta, North Fulton Hospital is a Level 2.

Level 3 and Level 4 typically are not equipped for major trauma and while they will not turn people away, chances are that once the patient is stabilized, the patient will be transferred to a Level 1 or Level 2.

Level 1s and 2s are typically very busy. Grady is always a mob scene.

Some hospitals have areas of specialty care. St Joes, here in Atlanta, is really the place to go if you have heart problems. Emory University has an excellent neuro care unit. Scottish Rite, Egleston and Hughes Spalding (aka Baby Grady) are all pediatric hospitals here in Atlanta. All three can take major trauma in children.

Hope this helps...

St♥rmy Skye

Emergency room levels are dependent of the sub specialties readily available. For example, a level 1 would have a cardiothoracic and neurosurgeon available while a level 4 would probably not.

Yes, and the thing to remember is that level 3's may be great ER to treat anything, but does not necessarily provide all services. ie the patient may need to be transfered to get the care they need LIKE neuro, pediatrics, orthopedics, opthamalogy, burn care, interventional cardiology. So, especially neuro-go to where they can treat it all!

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