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What is the cause of sudden nose bleeds? is it stress related?what first aid can be given?
my 19 yr old brother who s staying in a hostel quite far frm me called me up yesterday saying his nose bled suddenly in the evening, he is in Delhi.the climate is hot.he is shaken up a bit.he is feeling dizziness also.

chess fanatic
it simply the cause of a week long headache. I dont know how to explain it (im not a doctor) but in my own experience, it appears on me everytime i had a "on and off" headache but after all, it gone.

My first aid is i get water nearby and wash it for a few minutes until the blood disappear on my nose :)

If the blood pop out a little more, i wash my head with any cold water and after all, the feeling is alright!

That is a cause of a hot body temperature which is our body isn't suitable for it that is why we easily have nose bleeds. Dont worry, it's a normal thing.

could be that the vessles in his nose arn't getting enough moisture and are cracking due to drying out

take a q-tip dip it in vegtible or olive oil and apply to nose. feels wierd at first but keeps the vessles from drying out

If you pick your nose too much, you will get nose bleeds. Stop picking, the bleeding will stop.

probably the heat and his sinuses. tell him to sit down and lean slightly forward so the blood drains out and not down his throat that will cause his stomach to feel sick and to slightly squeeze the soft part of his nose and also cold compresses on the bridge of his nose!!

I'm sorry, but I do not know the sudden cause of nose bleeds. One cause I do know is picking your nose too much. As for first aid, lie down on your back face-up with a hot, damp cloth over your head.

Sounds like the heat may be to blame. Heat, dry climate, high blood pressure, and numerous other things can cause sudden nose bleeds.

my son got them in hot dry heat...........


hmm..u didnt say it was a lot or just a little.there r lots of causes but since u say it was hot then maybe its temperature irritation..this may cause bleeding and high temperature may lead to headache.

or perhaps he has inflammation of the nasal mucosa..other factors are :

hypertension (this may give the headache,but unlikely if he's young),

blood clotting problem,

nasal growth,

deficiency of vitamin C & K,


the heat can cause sudden nose bleeds

I'm 14 years old, and I always get them because of the hot weather. He says, stay in cool indoors temperature, and do not do any activity outdoors. That should cut it down. I hope my information was helpful. :]

it could be anything but the first aid response is to lean the head forward so the blood does not go back down the nasal passage and throat.
you should just hold a towel or other cloth or tissue up to the nose to absorb the blood. just stay seated with the head forward until the bleeding stops.
you said he felt dizzy, tell him to eat any food high in iron content to help him quickly regain the blood he lost.
i get unexplained nose bleeds occasionally.
the guy who said cocaine, yes it can cause them. but i don't do illicit drugs, and there s nothing in my diet or daily life that would cause them naturally. except may be high blood pressure and migraine now and then.

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