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 Really bad bee sting!
i was stung by a bee about 3 hours ago while i was walking out of my house to my friends car to take me to cheer practice. her mom told me to run back inside and get onions so the whole way to ...

 I'm a Floridian & always use 45+sunscreen.Didn't know it was 100 yesterday. I fell asleep (stupid) jumped in
pool & went in & took shower. OUCH! When I was outside I kept slathering repeatedly strong sunscreen from head to toe. Face isn't too bad but everything else is badly burned, scalp, arms,...

 My leg is swelling up from a bite?
I woke up this morning and my inside of my leg leg had a little bite mark, now its all red, warm and swelling up, it hurts when i walk and is now currently 30cm long and travelling up the inside of ...

 Do you still wet the bed?

Additional Details
I don't, it just seemed like an original question to ask, and on Yahoo, you still retain a certain level of ...

 My foot itches so much I can't sleep!?
Two bug bites plus a blister that's healing... how on earth can I get to sleep!? Help!...

 What's the best way to stop smoking?
I smoke about a pack a day and I know I need to quit. I want to quit, I'm tired of feeding my habit and it's getting more and more expensive. I've tried to quit a few times in the ...

 There is a huge swollen thing on my head and a perfect circle around it and it is pussing, what is it?
yesterday i burnt my head with the flat iron but i dont think it was the same place could it just be a blister from it? it is the size of a quarter.or is it a spider bite?...

 Are you right eared or left eared?
When you talk on the phone, which ear do you use? Do you always use the same ear or sometimes switch? Is there a difference?...

 Can you put motor oil on a cut to prevent it from being infected?
I just saw a Valvoline commercial and the guy was like "Oil and Blood mix" or something. Is this ok?...

 Spider bites I NEED HELP NOW!!!?
if a spider bite turns purple and has some puss coming from it and the area around it is tender... what should i do?!!!...

 How do I tell my co-worker that she has a fould body odor and bad breath? My boss is coercing me to do this.?

 What happens to the eyelashes that slip behind the eyelids?

 Why am I so tired all the time?
I am constantly tired, no matter how I sleep. Somtimes nomatter hor tired I am I can't slep! I eat a fair amount of red meat and occassionally have iron supplements!...

 Does eating carrots help your eyesight?

 Is drinking vinegar harmful to our body?

 Why do bee stings itch and burn?
I got stung by a honey bee yesterday. It's on the bottom of my foot, but towards the side. The stinger is out, I do know how to do that.

But it still itches like crazy. And it burns ...

 How can i make my baby fat and big?

 What is the meaning of life?

 My dad spilled popcorn oil on his foot!?
Last night my dad made popcorn in his popocrn maker. He didn't have the lid on the top on when he turned it over and the oil went all over his foot. He has ice on it and antibiotic cream and ...

 Wat does being bipolar mean??

What is the best way to wipe your butt?
Do you sit down, stand up, go from behind, form the front, more TP, less TP???????? Come on...you know you've all thought about this.

What's your method? Which is most effective?

what we really need is baby disinfectant wipes for adults. Maybe they already exist and if they do they'd be the best

The best way is the way that you like the best....lol

down going up

lots of toilet paper... front to back

the scientist
Wash it with soap and water every time you defecate (for want of a better legitimate term). It's the cleanest way. Then you wipe with toilet paper. I always use more than necessary.

Men Wipe with wet wipe from back to front .
Women wipe with wet wipe from front to back . Its a little harder for women with a big booty ( speaking of me) P.S. I like my booty by the way its an apple!

super b
Right arm only around the back

Always wipe from the front to the back... you dont want to get an infection!!!!!!

bare hands baby!

This is repugnant question.

Use your hand and soap and water. That will be the cleanest way. When you use toilet paper you get dingle berries. You don't want tp stuck in your butt do you?????

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