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Jolly Jo Jo
What is the best way to get a splinter out of your hand?
My daughter has a splinter in the ball of her hand and I am struggling to get it out. does anybody have suggestions to make it easier. I have been trying with a sterile pin but no luck

If you can't get it with a pin and tweezers then what my dad use to do was when i'd get ready to go to sleep he would put a small piece of bacon fat on the splinter area and the grease would soften the skin and the grease would pull the splinter out, once in a while he would have to help it out but it made it so much easier and less painful and scary for me.

There is an ointment called Black Salve Ointment - you put a little on the splinter, cover with a band-aid and tomorrow it will be out and floating in the ointment in the band-aid. Let me see if I can find you a link...

Here's one, but they call it Black Ointment:


You can probably get this sort of thing in any drug store.


James C
Soak it in warm salty water when the skin is wrinkly us a thumb nail to force it out. IT DOSE NOT HURT

john b
A drug store / chemist will sell you drawing ointment put it over the splinter put a band aid on in the morning the splinter will be out. butter mixed with sugar work too.

Clare E
The best thing to do if its too difficult to get out with good sharp tweezers, is to just keep it clean and leave it in, the body will eventually push it out. If it is a rather large or very uncomfortable a doctor will take it out for you. The most important thing is not to prod and poke for too long as you may cause tissue damage.

If this happens again you bathe the hand in warm water first, use something numbing if its particularly painful (a bit of bonjela) and then squeeze around it with your fingers to milk it out, if that doesn't work use tweezers.

if all that fails ., try sugar ,. that will draw it out , rap the hand in a bandage, put sugar over where the spliter is,. , leave it to do it job over night

Dr Frank
If they are small, we often leave them alone, especially in children as the cure is more painful to them than the problem. If you put magnesium sulphate paste on a small gauze pad onto the site and change it twice a day, the body will usually draw it out, along with a little pus. If you are worried however go to A+E.

jason c
The single best way to remove splinters is to use a sterile injection needle.
However if the splinter is below the skin and not easy to get out cover it with anti septic cream and leave it along. Over time the splinter will be forced out by the body.

Try using magnesium sulphate paste, available from most pharmacies. It will draw the splinter out, pain free!

I find tweezers and time works best. If you leave it it will come out on it's own but it'll be no less annoying.

You could try pinching the area and seeing if you can get the tip to stick out of the skin and then use tweezers. Alternatively you could leave it and eventually the body will naturally push it out over the next couple of days.

Put some Elmer's glue on it..let it dry ..then peel off glue with the splinter attached.

Gently squeeze the area and if you can see the end then when it protrudes slightly use a pair of eyebrow tweezers to grip it and gently ease it out in the direction in which it entered her hand.

tsk esquire
you should cut it out. my brother is a joiner and when he gets a splinter he just runs the edge of his chisel blade along it and it just more or less falls out.
sterilise a razor blade or a sharp knife and work away.

You are probably trying to us the pin to dig it out. Don't . Only us the pin to gain access to the top of the splinter. Then use a fine ended, blunt tipped tweaser to remove the spinter.


A . Z .
I've heard soaking the hand in hot soapy water to soften the skin. Then use tweasers v.delicately.

When i was working at the furniture factory, i was always getting splinters.
I just got a piece of sandpaper and rubbed it until it came out.

Try breaking the top layer of skin around it with the pin, after that get some tweezers and pick it out. To ease the pain apply orajel on the splinter for temporary relief.

Daniel B
Tweazers are the only doctor recommended way. If you can't get it out then let it sit and watch it. They typically work them selves out...or at least out far enough that you can then grab it. If she gets a fever, or increased redness or pus around it then see a doc. Also, the needle thing can introduce infection...even if "sterile".

sharp razor and cut it out, thats what i do but i guess it depends on how tough your kid is...

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