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What if your dog bites you and it's not bleeding?
need help he has no rabis

WayniaK the Juggalo ManiaK
Bite him/her back! That is what I would do. After that, I would probably do leg drop on him/her or something like that! For future info., stop using peanut butter with your dog you sick f@$#.

disinfect the area and you should be fine. Don't panic!

If he did not puncture the skin and if he has had his shots you will be fine.

Then don't worry...he hasn't broken the skin. No need to worry about germs.

If you are not bleeding then he did not break the skin-not really a bite. In order for a disease such as rabies to be transferred to you from your dog 1--He has to have it and am sure you would know it for he'd be very disorientated,thirsty but would not be able to drink -would spend time standing by water bowl, may have foam at the mouth, be aggressive-if he bit would break skin and not stop-for rabies affects the brain and causes drastic behaviour changes. 2. the dogs spittle or any of his fluids would have to enter through a bleeding wound and enter your bloodstream Dogs are NOT Carriers of Rabies-they do not have the virus but do not sick- if hey get bitten by a animal that has the virus they will be sick and d-if not oritected by rabies shots will die. It is also the law that your dog have rabies shots-can now get the 3-year rabies shot-have to ask for it for not offered. If your dog bites someone else-(Bite where the skin is broken and it bleeds) and this person goes to a doctor who by law has to report animal bites then you will be fined by not having him immunized and your dog will be taken away and either kept at the pound for 2-3weeks to see if he gets rabies-physical signs of it, or 2.will be killed and his brain examined for signs of rabies for if he does important the human bitten get shots right away may not be possible to wait 2-3 weeks. Get the Dog his rabies shots

Alice Chaos
I'd say don't worry about it. But figure out why the dog bit you. What was going on?

Mr. Boof
Let him keep biting you until it starts bleeding. And what's a Rabbi going to do?

Do nothing. Just wash the area and forget about it

just make sure to wash it with soap and water.

If you're not bleeding and he doesn't have rabis, you should be ok.

u go nuthin to be worried about

I'm an animal cop so PAY ATTENTION: if there is NO BLOOD it is not considered a bite; the only way to contract rabies from a rabid animal is if their saliva is introduced into your bloodstream which didn't happen so don't stress. Get the dog his shot. The fact that he didn't draw blood indicates that he knows correct boundaries so keep socializing him and he'll probably turn out to be a terrific dog.
*Important note for all the idiots above me; a dog does not have to be showing any visible signs of illness to transmit rabies if he has it..there is a "dumb phase" the animal can go thru which is only manifested as sleeping too much or being lazy.

fonda b
If the skin is not brOKen then you really don't have much to worry about wash it off with warm water and soap and it will be ok.

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