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Additional Details
Like what can I use....

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What happens when u don't go to the bathroom when u really want to??
what's the worst that could happen...and what damages r caused coz of this??

santa claus cries and a fairy dies

nothing now, but later in life you may have to wear depends because you will no longer have control over you bladder If you gotta go you better go or maybe you should take out some stock in depends and you'll be rich latter in life. Maybe I should take out some stock I alway's hold it we can be rich together.lol

I would think that if you constantly don't relieve yourself like you are suppose to, it would mess up your bladder over time.

You will stretch ur bladder then when u are old and crusty you will need to wear depends or PEE on ur self!

constipation or bladder infection. pick your poison

Sir Chyver
You prove your tough.

you could possibly get bladder infections from doing this

The Foosaaaah
Soil your pants. People make fun of you.

It could irritate things. I wouldn't recommend it. If you are talking about poo, then you could create an impacted bowl which, basically means constipation. In really severe cases you could damage part of your colon and have to have part of it removed. If you need to poo or pee, then that's what you should do.

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