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What happens if u get stitches and a scab beginning go grow over it?
i had two lesions removed off my neck the doctor put dissolving stitching one it and one regular stitch on the top of the skin i to the one regular stitch yesterday and she was like mmmh it scabbing but never said what it means so yahoo what does i mean

john m
its healing

if there is a scab over a stitch it means it will be more difficult to remove that stitch. I'd call the drs office and ask their opinion, but in our office, we ask folks to wash it with soap and water each day, so a scab doesnt form until after the stitch is removed...

If the doctor just said mmm its scabbing, then it obviously isnt anything to worry about. Scabbing is the body's natural process of healing - just dont pick at it!

that is good 'it means it is healing

Your doctor would tell you if there was a problem. Just make sure it doesn't get infected.

Didn't you think to ask him what it means and if there was a problem with it seeing as he is the doctor!!!!!!! If he didn't say anything more about it then I'd guess it isn't to much of a problem, but if you are concerned about it then try going back and actually asking him about it.

Healing fine. When the stitch is removed the scabbing will also come away. Your skin is just doing what is natural, by trying to heal over a broken area

The scabbing is the bodies natural defences kicking in to ensure recovery , so that is a good thing
I am sure the single stitch will still be quite easily removed at the correct stage of the healing process . But like all health issues if you are unsure or unhappy then go back and ask for advice.

it means it will hurt more when the stitches come out! but at least its healing well =)

This is perfectly normal and part of the healing process. The scab will have softened before you need to have the stitch removed. It sounds like a tiny incision so there will be little or no scarring. Feel free to call and ask your Dr about this if you are still concerned.

Lord Facile Princeps
It means the wound is healing, keep it dry..It will eventually fall off..Do not pick it or you will risk infection

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