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nature lover
What happens if a person bites another?is it dangerous?infetious?
i've read, in anceant times kings made spy people poisonous by taking poison in small doses,if they bite or scratch, the other dye.is it posible?what anti venom should be used to protect?the same for with which venom/poison is used to make poisonous ppl.
in modern days what r the risks of human biting?

Not unless they're a rabid dog!! If the bite's deep enough it's probably just prone to infection. I know it can't be serious because I've bitten [and have been bitten] many times in my day, and I'm just fine hehe. Rawr. ;)

I work with children between the ages of 6 months and six years in a daycare setting. As most people know these are the ages when most children experience biting. Based on personal experience, the likelihood of it being infectious is slim, providing you follow health guidelines. Always wash the area with a mild soap and warm water and then apply ice to the area for 10-15 minutes. If the bite broke the skin do the same as above, only apply antibiotic ointment such as Polysporin and cover it with a bandaid. It should start to heal within a couple of days.


I just know that, in my EMT-Basic class last year we were told that human bites are more dangerous than those of animals because the bacteria in a human mouth can all survive in the human body.

I agree with the EMT-B and FR that responded above. The human mouth is a terrible and filthy area and a bite (which causes bleeding or punctures the skin) which goes untreated can cause a major infection.

In any case, you always have to consider the possibilities of that person having some sort of STD (specifically AIDS) which could be transmitted through a bite if it, once again, punctures your skin enough to case major bleeding.


more dangerous than a venom

s l
yes if the skin is broken that's bad. first shoot the other person then wash the wound and cover it . i would see a doctor about this as the mouth is not a clean place really and its a long shot but you could get some awful illness and die. but you sure can get infected we are terrible creatures when it comes to spreading illness .

It has been documented that a bite from a human has more of a chance to be infectious and dangerous than a bite from a dog.

1st Responder FF/EMT
From a medical perspective,the human mouth is one of the filthiest,most bacteria ridden mouths on the planet.Human bites have been known to cause high infection if not treated immediately.I have seen cases where a bite,left untreated,caused severe infection,1 requiring hospitalization.

If it broke the skin and you think it needs attention. Call your doctor. They may tell you something over the phone if they know you. Or you may have to go in. Depends on how bad it is.

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