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you bleed. what, you dumb or something? what do you think happens? for crying out loud.

cutie pie!
humm i think its happened to me before, because i hit my hand on something. it looks like a bruise but its dark and raises because of the blood. yes it hurts but only for a couple hours then it goes away. no i dont think its something to worry about as long as its not a huge vein thats vital to your existance

i busted tiny vein in hand and finger it stings bad and you will see a purple bruising by it. i usually busted mine by hitting it on something. or smacking something.

Sassy OLD Broad
If you're talking about small blood vessels, they will resolve themselves. If you're talking about actually bursting a small vein, it will bleed under the skin and then heal. You might have pain and swelling in the area for a little while. It will eventually go away. You can put ice on the area if it's painful.

non life threatening...causes bruises

life threatening.....causes aneurysims

sexy love
you get a blood clot or a bruise

A vein is what returns blood to the heart and lungs to pick up more oxygen that your body needs. Arteries take the blood to all parts of your body. Then where the two mix, they get very small and are called capillaries (very simplified anatomy). Most bruises that you see are from small blood vessels, normally capillaries being ruptured and bleeding under the skin. However, sometimes larger veins do get ruptured or even cut. Veins are much closer to the surface of the skin than arteries. If they rupture, you might feel a stinging or some kind of pain. Here again you will get bleeding under the skin, but a larger area will be involved with more pain. They normally rupture secondary to some type of trauma,such as car accident, sports injury, or assault. If the rupture is due to being cut, you will know it is a vein because the blood will ooze out as opposed to squirting or pulsating out (in time with the person's pulse). Usually ruptured veins are not as big a concern until they are in the torso (abdomen, chest) or in the neck because those are the largest veins. A major concern is aneurysms and those can be life threatening.

Aneurysms can occur anywhere where there is a blood vessel, although they are most common in arteries. Rupture leads to drop in blood pressure, rapid heart rate, and lightheadedness. The risk of death is high except for rupture in the extremities. I included the link for aneurysm as that although normally in the arteries can affect some of the veins.

Hope this information helps some.

concerned mom
my mom has blood vessels burst all the time... she says it burns then gets sore and leaves a small bruise. She always calls her doctor.

This is normally what causes a bruise where the color is from stagnant blood.

Of course, if you damage something major; you could always get internal bleeding problems.
This is a medical emergency.

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