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What does it mean when the palm of your right hand itches?

just me #1
yep, youre gonna get some money!

you're going to receive money

Brittany D
I've always been told it means $$ is comin your way!

AZ girl
some say u r going to get money so touch your wallet or purse good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $$$$$

natasha h
your gonna recive some money very soon$$$

It means you hands are dry LOL
It suppose to mean that you will receive money

♥ ♥ loving_lovely_lover ♥ ♥
OOOOO, thats a hard one! HAve you tried that there is a bug bite on your hand!!! Just Guessing! LOL

Christi F
you're going to shake hands with a stranger. if your left hand itches you will recieve money

money is on the way-you will recieve money from some

Cliff M
you should scratch it

it means ur itchy

as the old saying goes, when you're left palm itches that means money 4u, but in your case its the right & not left palm is itching, that indicates you touch things that you maybe allergic of, sort of... hope this my help..maybe!

There's a superstition that says your gonna receive money, but basicly it just means your hands itching.

Sheryl R
You probably need to wash it. Or...maybe u have some kind of rash. Calamine lotion works well for most rashes, but it would be challenging to keep on the palm of ur hand...unless...u wrap some gauze or cloth around it until it starts to heal.

We always said that if your right hand itches you are going to come into money. If it's the left hand, expect to lose money.

... there is a fungus amungus...!

it means you should scratch it

It just means the palm of your right hand itches. Nothing more. There's an old superstition that it means you're going to come into money, but that's just superstition.

You need to scratch it

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