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Heron Incognito
What does it mean if I dream while awake?
I have had some sleeping problems lately, and I have had the strangest thing happening, where I am still dreaming while I am totally awake. I am aware of my surroundings, and I am aware that I am "dreaming" and yet I'm awake. It is almost like hallucinating, but my eyes are usually shut.
Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night, and see something. Like once, I saw a firework thing coming at me, and I started to panic, not knowing what it was. Then it disappeared and I realized it was a "dream." But I was awake! So this happens just before I'm falling asleep, or as I'm awaking.

Is this a sign of a sleep disorder?

To be honest I would take every precaution to find that out. I had sleep apnea but didn't know it until I went to a sleep clinic. It was totally easy. I found out why I was sleep walking and not feeling like I was getting any sleep. I got the surgery that I needed for my particular problm and now I am 100% better.

Hey Heron By The Sea! See, I knew we have stuff in common! You're experiencing lucid dreaming A.K.A. out of body experience.This shows that you have more spiritual energy than most people. Your consciousness and spirit is active and wanting to explore and partake in whatever it is that you personally do, while in that state. You just might be partially out of body or just begining to release.You might have frightening experiences until you better understand what's happening. There's no reason to be afraid though. It would benefit you greatly, to research OBEs, so you may use them to your advantage. Out of body, you can heal your brother, for example, travel to distant lands, make friends, the list of possibilities is endless. You can email me if you want tips and such or have more questions. I'm here for you, girl! It's strange and wonderful magic!By the way, the "firework" might have been an angel.By the way,I've read some of your previous questions and I have some answers that you'd find interesting. Do you believe in "soul contracts" as they're called?

have you tried meditation like in your room with no one around explore your "day dreams" and find out what your mind is trying to let you see. You really need to explore these dreams. I use to have them all the time and when you take the time to explore them seperatly then they do not affect your day as bad. i have even had black outs from the dreams and not been able to remember what happened in real life. meditation is an important part of spiritual health. :)

I'm not so sure about the sleep disorder...maybe the lack of sleep is affecting your psyche. I would go see my doctor if it were me...

I've had a few similar experiences.

I was asleep and when I awoke I could hear my dream still going on. My eyes opened and started seeing before my brain fully realized I was awake. So, I could still hear what was going on.

This happened a few times when I was a teenager. Could you be changing or growing quickly...like hormones? That is what my doctor suggested. I haven't started menopause yet, but maybe it will happen again then.

Gosh, have you considered seeing a doctor about that?

If not, it sure sounds like the beginning of one. I do have chronic fatigue. Those of us who have cf, will tell you that we do the same thing. There are many symptome of cf. Talk to your doctor. If you have symptoms of pain, burning, swelling, sharp stabbing pain, even skull and hair pain, tell your doctor every single symptom. The trick is finding a doctor who will believe in chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia. Look in google for information on chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. If you need to talk go to my profile and leave your e-mail address in one of my questions as an answer.

My wife has that some times, she wakes up and is in her dream for about a minute or two, then goes back to sleep and tells me, "never mind".

Heron, I answered your question regarding "the guard".

It could be a sleep disorder, but it could be something else.
If you do not get a sleep stud done, at least keep a notebook and record the events, times and places.

The Thinker
Well, you will start to dream as you fall asleep. Your brain will simply start to "shift gears" as it were. But if these things happened in the middle of the day, when you were NOT in bed... then it would be cause for concern.

To help sleep better.. you should do the following:

1. Drink more water.
2. Exercise 30 minutes a day.
3. Get "enough" sleep when you do sleep.
4. Don't drink caffiene after 6:00pm.

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