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the ana machine
What do you do when you slam your finger in a car door?
My friend slammed my finger in the car door and I put ice on it took it out, ran it under cold water, the works. It still hurts today, it's swollen, and it just tingles. What should I do now?

I would take your friend to an urgent care if is still swollen, it could be broken.

If it looks serious, go to a doctor. If not, shake it off.

if the finger nail is black paint it !

if u can move it put ice on it if u cant go to doc

go to doctor

go to the doctor!


go to the doctor its a possible fracture or break i would of screamed

its possible that it is fracture or broken, its not hard to do that to a finger, go to the hospital..they'll need to splint it, and your friend can get some pain medicine.

if it's still swollen u might have a fracture and an x-ray will confirm that. go to accident & emergency.

Open the car door and pull out my finger.

I curse a lot and jump around holding my finger. I like your ideas better, though. lol

Do not...I repeat, "DO NOT, think you are a doctor." Please list the qualifications you have for thinking you can just put ice on a injury and go to bed. omg! That's your finger. Go get it checked out. Today. Now. Run.

Then again, if you don't like your finger, who will. I don't need to list the things that could happen. Or, nothing could happen. You could be perfectly fine.

You pick.

(omg! how can you type? lol)

Either way, it's your finger. Have a good time w/all the attention. Take care.

when i slammed my finger in the car door, i just stood there, called my friend's name and pointed at it. my friend had to get the door open for me. i had cut it real bad. we went shopping with a paper towel wrapped around it. (nothing stopped me from my time with my friend). anyway, everybody told me to get stitches and go to the doctor, but i didn't feel it was necessary. a bandaid and some asprin did the trick.

you didn't mention how long ago it was that this happened. so my advice is this: keep the ice on it, and take some tylenol, or advil.

if it has been more than a few days i would call the er doc and see if there is something else they would recommend. your family doc will just say you have to be seen, but an er doc/nurse may be able to offer advice w/o a visit.

good luck.

If you have lost feeling in it or you can't move it then you need to go to the doctor and make sure you don't have nerve damage or broken bones. Other than that so long as it is swollen keep the ice on it till it goes down. Be sure to give it a break from the ice every once in a while and flex it bit. Once the swelling is down, if it still hurts put it in a finger splint which you can get at the pharmacy. It's going to take a while to heal so your just going to have to stop using it for a while.

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