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What do you do for a wasp bite?
I got stung by a wasp on the back of my hand. It's swelling up. What is a good remedy for reducing the pain/swelling or getting the venom out?

actually its easy!! put some vinegar on it and leave it for a while!! it might give you a bit of a sting while applying but it means that it would work!! ITs acid destroys the poison thats injected!!
my brother had about three bites but the swelling swiftly went away when we put vinegar on it!!!

moist tobacco n benadryl

OMG that guy said bleach? wtfff????

umm ice pak is probably the most effective remedy, after that, consult a doctor. but wasp can sting multiple times so the needle won't be in ur skin, also i don't think a regular common wasp has venom...best ask a doctor before anythign DO happens

ahemm... what do u do for wasp bite? bite back xD
lol joking

Tobacco from a ciggarette or Bleach

VINEGAR yes, I agree with Jenny Agnes

not baking soda, as Cabana says, that will make it worse! - Bicarbonate of Soda is for bee stings not wasps.

Cabana C
mix baking soda and water paste and place on it.
IT will draw the venomn.

Meat Tenderizers

Bear Naked
The sting of a wasp or hornet is considered venomous. Quick removal of the stinger and proper follow-up care will help reduce pain and minimize swelling of the site.

1. Remove the stinger. Scrape a dull butter knife against your skin in the opposite direction of the stinger entry. It should pop out. Some sources recommend removing a stinger with tweezers. However, this method can potentially inject more venom into your skin as you attempt to pry and prod out the stinger.

2. Reduce pain and swelling with ice. Try to avoid putting ice directly on skin, because it can cause a flesh burn. Instead, use an ice pack or wrap a washcloth around the ice. Remove it after 10 to 15 minutes and dry the site thoroughly.

3. Use a topical antihistamine, such as diphenhydramine hydrochloride, available in cream, stick or gel.

4. Opt for a topical anesthetic for pain not relieved by antihistamine. Consider topical lidocaine or benzocaine.

5. Apply a topical hydrocortisone cream to reduce allergic reaction around site.

6. Take an oral analgesic, like ibuprofen, for general pain that may result from venom circulating throughout your bloodstream.

7. Consider applying moist baking soda or mud to the sting site. Although there is no scientific evidence that these remedies work, some people find that they provide relief.

If you have experienced a severe reaction to any type of sting or bite in the past, you may be allergic to stings and bites. If you are, your doctor will provide you with a hypodermic syringe filled with epinephrine. Carry this syringe with you whenever you go outside.

If you notice pus or severe redness/swelling 24 hours after being stung, you may have an infection. See a doctor.

Tree tree oil is best. I am a health nut..you can use google to make sure...type in wasp bit household help

This may sound very stupid but believe me it really works UNLESS your allergic to stings. It is mudd it also helps draw the stinger out if it was left behind.Hope it works well for you.

If u can get to whole foods, there is a homeopathic remedy called Apis, works REALLY well.

Lil Red
When we were young and we got a stung, we always had someone that was chewing tobacco , spit the tobacco juice on the sting, and it always worked, Good Luck

An old wives tail is to put a clove of garlic on the stin, the swelling will go down with benadryl and the pain with something like motrin or Advil since ibprophen helps reduce swelling (inflammation) and pain

Michele R
Ice and benadryl spray. Ice will cut down on swelling and benadryl will help with itch and pain.

Scrape the stinger out with a credit card. DO NOT PULL IT OUT. Part of the stinger may become lodged under the skin if you pull it.

Next, take meat tenderizer and put in small dish. Add a drop of water to make it into a paste. Rub the paste over the area. You will see immediate relief from the sting.

While keeping the paste on, take a Benadryl to reduce swelling. You can also apply ice to the area. Keep the meat tenderizer paste on as long as possible.

Another old wives' tale remedy is ammonia -- the household cleanser kind. Well, I guess it's not just an old wives' tale, because it's also the active ingredient in those "After Bite" sticks you can get in stores near the first aid or the camping gear. But it works -- with straight ammonia, just put a little on a cotton ball & press it gently to the sting & it takes the stinging sensation right away.

If it's swelling, you should also take an antihistamine such as Benadryl, or at the very least, put some Benadryl cream on it. Ice will help it feel better -- but as another poster said, putting it right on the skin can cause frostbite, so either wrap it in a towel, or put it in a plastic bag and then wrap that in a towel or paper towel to keep it from getting too cold on the skin.

Any time you get a sting, if at all possible, you should save the insect (I know, gross) in case you have to show it to a doctor. If the swelling gets crazy, or if you get hives, or if you have any tightness in your throat/chest or other trouble breating, take the insect with you and go to the nearest emergency room. It can make it easier for the doctor to give you the best treatment if they know exactly what bit/stung you.

sandra s
you can use melaleuca oil or aloe vera

mom of girls
baking soda - works great (my father used to harvest honey from bee hives so we used to get stunk a lot) Also take a straight edge (like on a credit card) and run it across the sting area to remove the bees stinger (it could still be in your hand). Also, if it is swelling very bad - you could be allergic to bee stings. Call the doctor right away and see what they recommend - they might suggest some type of antihistamine (benedryl, etc) to help reduce the reaction and you want to be very careful in the future about being stung.

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