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What could swallowing a penny do to you?

Additional Details
this happened to me when i was 4yr.old.i was just wondering b/c i dont ever even know if it came out ppl.im freakin serious!do u think it would cause constipation though?

well pennies are touched by everyone and fell on the streets. not exactly what you want in ya

some dollars have the website written on them and you can see how far your dollar travels the US. My dollar went from Texas to newyork in a bout 3 weeks!!!!

Well, you could choke and die, or you could crap it out and then clean it and reuse it. Its penny recycling! But I dont recommend re-swallowing it if you choose this course of action.

Who knows maybe you will choke, why would you even consider a question like that?

The Professor
cut off the air flow in your trachea, thus causing your body to slowly die due to lack of oxygen. You'll soon pass out, and your brain will start to die, and then your heart will stop and you'll go into cardiac arrest. Have fun with that.

you'll have penny in ur sh.it

Nothing, you'll crap it out the next day...might hurt a little coming out.Now if you swallowed a quarter that might be trouble cuz you might get back two dimes and a nickle...

It could get stuck in your throat and you could die. Otherwise if it doesnt get stuck nothing bad would happen. Your body would just pass it. It would come out the same as it was when it went in. However dont swallow anything other than food and water and other safe liquids.

First off, having a small piece of metal in you can seriously clog up your intestines (painful). And if it stays in you too long, the copper could start seeping into your blood stream. It also would probably scrape up your esophogus on the way down as well, and might make you choke. I don't reccommend swallowing pennies.

Probably not much to a grown person. Should "pass" within a couple of days or so.

This too shall pass...

nothing unless you swallow a whole bunch of them. If you did your going to die unless you get a 5000 dollar surgery. :-)

if it gets stuck somewhere, which it probably won't, then it could do somethin, but it probably won't do anything. my cousin actually swallowed a thumb tac once, nothing bad happened and its been atleast 5 years.

Constipation. Don't expect to keep change ;) LOL!

*Edit: Pennies minted before 1982 are no big deal. Also, if you eat really full meals for two or three days straight to expand your stomach, it should pass through the GI tract and poop out.
Here, I found you an interesting article that relates the zinc in pennies with stomach ulcers, kidney and liver issues in children. Appartently pennies that are minted after 1982 contain high zinc content (zinc is cheaper than copper -- probably the reason), and the zinc reacts with the hydrochloric acid in the stomach to form zinc chloride. Zinc chloride is much more corrosive than hydrochloric acid alone, and would be enough to burn through the mucous lining of the stomach. Coupled with the hydrochloric acid already in the stomach, it's bad news in terms of stomach ulcers and possible internal bleeding.

I would assume that with adults, the toxicity in relation to the kidney and liver would be reduced due to body mass. However, I would predict that the ulceration of the stomach would be similar in both children and adults.

With the flat shape of penny, I would also assume that it is difficult to pass it through the GI tract (i.e. pooping it out). The stomach is made out of folds, which expand to accomodate food. A penny can easily be stuck in one of those folds, and with the corrosive nature of zinc chloride, stick itself to the walls of the stomach, burning away.

All in all... if you or a child swallows one, it doesn't pass through in a day or so, and it hurts... it's probably time to go to the hospital.

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