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 I Cut Myself, And Forgot Sterilization. With 2 Different Knives. Any Way To Make Sure I Don't Get An Infection
(after the fact)
Additional Details
A nurse or doctor?? Uh..no.

I have gotten tetnus shots, I'm up to date.

It doesn't hurt, well not too much, I just don&...

What can we do if food is stuck in your windpipe and cannot come out.?

go to the ER or call 911.

Call 911. Learn the Heimlich maneuver and use it. If a person looses consciousness while en route to the hospital what can you do for them?

A 911 dispatcher can also tell you how to do this maneuver if you do not know...

If they loose consciousness there and medics are there, they can do more to save a life...

Firmly smacking their back between the shoulder blades may dislodge it.

They could also block it further and the Heimlich maneuver will be required...it could get better or worse and CPR may be needed...

This is why you call 911...

eat some bread

either get someone to do the hiemlic maneuvor of push you stomach up against a chair, if that doesnt work best thing to do would probably go to the ER.

If you can talk, its best tio work the food out yourself. If you can't tal, then you need the Heimlich hug...and quick!

Wikkid Lil Girl
Ok first off food can not get stuck in your windpipe. It wont make it down there. When you eat something and it goes "down the wrong pipe" and you cough and almost feel like you are choking that is your epiglottis (a piece that covers and protects your windpipe) doing its job. Now you might have food stuck down your esopagus which is the pipe behind your windpipe that leads to your stomach. My advice for you is to drink lots of fluids and push it down but if its still stuck go see a doctor so they can remove it. Good luck!!!

just hope you are breathing. go to the ER or run up aguan a chair hit your diaphram

Heimlich manuver

Die...most likely.

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