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What can i use for my burned finger to stop stinging??
it hurts really bad and i burned it by accident taking something out of the oven, i tried water, ice, salt and some burn cream, nothing has helped.

jakie j
put any king of hunny in it. or put i tsp of soda in a cup of cold water then mix it and add 1 tsp of salt then put your finger in there for 1 hour it wont hurt while its in there

Jessi L

Light Up the Sky
Aloe Vera

unfortunately there is not much you can do maybe take some Ibuprofen or Naproxon (Aleve)....You just got to let it heal. Sorry it that is not the answer you wanna hear :-(

Cold water is the best thing..grab a facecloth and rinse it with cold water and place it on your finger. i did the same thing this summer and the only thing that helped a little was the cold water but it will probably still sting for a while. if very serious you should go to a walk in clinic or hospital.

soak it in a bowl of cold water with ice cubes floating in it. You need to do this for 20 minutes, then stop, then do it again. And it will hurt for awhile. If its really bad, you may need a doctor.Keep it dry and clean later to be sure it doesn't get infected. First Aid spray may help a little.

Time will reduce and eventually remove the stinging. In the mean time keep the finger clean to avoid infection

Not much you can do except walk around with it stuck in a cup of ice water until it settles.

Put it in milk.

Cold milk will help the pain A LOT! I read this in a doctors home remidies book from Readers Digest.

I once burned my finger on some very hot cheese. It was small burn but hurt so BAD. I almost cried but didn't since I didn't want to scare my kids. I remembered about putting it in milk and filled a small bowl with milk and put my finger in it. It helped right away! Plus it didn't blister.

Milk has vit. D which helps in the healing and the cold helps the pain.

If it is a large area just soak a cloth in milk and put that on the burn.

Kathryn R
My parents are a nurse and a fire fighter respectively. When ever you BURN yourself you run it under cold water. You want the water to stay cold but not so cold that you get frost bite which is why you DON'T USE ICE. You want to use RUNNING WATER. That way it will only get but so cold. You should keep it under the cold water for a minimum of 15 minutes. That is about the time it takes for the burning to stop, you have to remember that you have several layers of skin that are burned even when it's a first degree burn. You have to make sure that each level of skin is cooled down also.

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