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What can i put on a burn or burn blister?
i just did it while backing but i touched the pain for more than a few seconds and its really hurting?

Sami V
Any anticeptic ointment or cream!

potato skins

Cold water or ice. If it continues to be uncomfortable put an ice pack on it.

I have no idea, and if you met me you'd know that, I have burn scars on my body... :(

The only thing ice cool water or ice wrapped ion cloth. Or, you could use the special burn sprays made to relieve pain. you can find them in the grocery store or pharmacy. If it doesn't hurt much anymore, cover it gently with a band-aid and do not pop the blister.

run cold water over it for about 10 minutes, if you get blisters, don't pop them, clean with a soft cloth and gentle soap, bandage with a sterile dressing, you can apply neosporin or johnson & johnson burn cream

cocoa butter or Shea butter

I scorched my hand, arm, and forehead pretty bad recently. All I found that worked was to attach an ice pack to the burn itself. It's not recommended, but desperate times call for desperate measures, especially when you can't afford a trip to the hospital. I tried burn cream, and all it did was make it burn worse. After 12 hours, though, the burn cream no longer hurt and it made the scarring go way down.

keep burnt body part under cold running water for few minutes or use ice ...use aloe Vera gel or any burn relief spray will give quick relief..


Run cool (not cold) tap water over it and then apply a liberal amount of aloe vera gel.

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