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What can i do for my son's chapped face?
i've tried everything from vaseline to lotion to chap stick, and he just rubs them all off, which makes his face even redder. any suggestions? because i hate to see him in pain like that.
Additional Details
p.s.--his chapped face is from a cold...he keeps wiping his nose and his nose and one side of his face is raw.

A great product to use is Aquaphor by Eucerin. You can get it at most any discount store. If you put it on when he is sleeping so it can stay on for as long as possible before he wipes it off, it can have a protective and healing effect for his sleeping hours. Just a little goes a long way.... In addition, you might want to make up a game to get his cooperation, depending on his age.

Have u try aquaphor baby? my son used to be like that and to me it worked really good u can find it in any pharmacy. Over the counter of course. Hope that helps

You don't say how old he is. If he's very young, you need to keep his nose and face clean for him. Assuming he's older, give him a handkerchief so he has something handy in his pocket to use. Guys are not big on kleenex...Best bet for chapped skin: Wash very gently with mild soap and COLD water. PAT dry. With CLEAN hands, rub in a good chapped skin balm (Bee Balm is a good one). Blot off any excess...don't leave it on his face like frosting...Only what gets rubbed into the skin will help so whatever he wipes off later won't matter anyway.

Phoenix, Wise Guru
Make him drink lots of water. And stop rubbing it off.

There is an oil I found at a local nutrition store that I think would help. Basicly what it is is a combination of a bunch of cooking-type oils, with a few other ingredients. You might try that.

And yes, water and a humidifier would be good too.

My little snot nose is like that at the moment too. So I have been putting Carmex on it. It seems to be working, when he lets it on. You can also try the cocoa butter stick. That's my next option because it's not that easy to get off the skin. I hate seeing mine irritated too, but the whole grossness factor bugs me also. Eeewww.

My 7 year old quickly chaps almost to the point of bleeding unless I do the following things! I rub something like aquafor or eucerin cream on it. These are the only things that worked on his diaper rashes so something in them works well for his chemistry. A & D ointment is also good. Don't put a thick layer on because you don't want them to ingest it! Place it on when they're sleepy and they may not rub it off. The real secret is to get them to drink a lot of fluids. My rule is if they're rubbing at it then it's time for a drink and a light coat of ointment. When they have a cold they are not only irritated by the mucous they are losing a lot of liquids and that semi dehydrated state keeps their skin from being able to heal itself.

Pete D
Take him to a dermatologist.

have u tried A & D Ointment?

rub cocoa butter on his face daily

By a medicated chapstick and put it on his face.

* Shon *
Does he have a humidifier in his bedroom? That may help a little.

jennie r
I would sneak into his room while he was sleeping and put neosporin on it.

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