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What are you to do if you get stung by a wasp?
I just got stung by a wasp and it burns really bad what am I to do because I dont know if you know I would appreciate it very much?

Ima Stressed Out
putting bleach on it helps take some benadryl is swelling and pain doesn't go away shortly like an hour or so go to the ER

I just read an old wives tale, that if you tape a penny to the sting for about 15 min, it will take out the sting. Something about the copper in the penny helps it.

charlie's angel
go to the emergency room to make sure you dont have an allergy. bee / wasp stings can turn into a serious situation if you are allergic. i usually try ice to ease the swelling, but go to the emergency room asap.

slap the wasp upside its nappy head

Jan C
Place a penny on it. This is a solution for a fresh sting from any insect.

Take some benedryl that should calm it down

The King
Put toothpaste on it. It takes the sting away.

Use a bug bite cream. If it gets strange looking, then call poison control.

take some pain killer or something and get some ice that happens to me all the time actually i havent got stung by a wasp untill i was 12 (i am ) like 14 times already

get the area around the sting slightly moist. then apply some baking soda. to it. this should reduce swelling and the burning sensation that you feel. and make it feel better.

make a paste with baking soda and water. Place it on the area until dry then break it off.

use white viegar as it will take the sting away. otherwise benedryl will help with that also.

If you have baking soda take that and some water and
make a paste to put on the sting (make sure the stinger
is out). The baking soda will ease the pain.

Putting chewed chewing tobacco on it helps a lot.

Lady X
Someone told me to hold a penny on it, something to do with the copper. It's worth a try- otherwise ice and benedryl.

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