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Michael J
What's the best way to get the stinger out when stung by a bee ?

Take something like a credit card and scrape it over the sting to draw the stinger out. Be gentle though. This helps to prevent the sack sometimes intact on the stinger breaking and releasing what's inside it. Tweezers could smush it, so this is the best method.
;) good luck.

tobacco from a cigarette and spit together to make a little ball on top of the sting site will "draw the poison out". it really does work. if you still have the stinger in you NEVER use any type of "squeezing method" to remove the stinger, use a credit card type object to "scrape" the stinger out. Both of these methods word I PROMISE i don't know how many times i have had to do them to myself and many others

Try to swipe the stinger away with a credit card or blunt knife. That will prevent you from pressing more poison undr your skin whilst the stinger is still engaged. Then apply a small ice pack for about ten minutes. You can use some over the counter antihistamine cream to reduce the swelling. Good luck.

Use a credit card to gently move the stinger out without squeezing it

kelly a
u can do two things. make a small piece of mud out of dirt and water and apply it to the spot this will remove the stinger, or u can use a nail file and gently scrape the stinger out . but make sure it comes out and also make sure u get benadryl for the itching ... or coritsone cream...

Take a credit card or any plastic card and gently scrape over the area. This should remove the stinger. If not, then I don't know what to do.

Suthern Yankee
Get a bucket with cold water and table salt, soak it for about 3 minutes, this should help the stinger contract enough to the surface, get a nail file and use the long edge of it to scrape the stinger out, gently, if you have to, work it on all sides to get the whole stinger out, if you use tweezers, you're going to inject more poison into your system. Find some topical and oral benadryl to stop the itch.

If the site swells and you're having trouble breathing, get to a hospital, these are signs of anaphylaxsis.

Soak it in Salt water. That helps to draw it out. Thats what my mom used to do for me when I was little :) Hope that helps

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