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What's the best, fastest way to get rid of poison ivy?
I got my first poison of the summer..

T and S
Had poison Ivy for about a week no it is gone!

My husband mother brother and sister in law all had it also

No joking do this
Rub with rubbing alcohol then take table salt and rub it on the poison Ivy blisters and other spot that may itch. let it sit for about 3 min. then rinse with soap and water. It blisters are still oozing then be sure to to blot with rubbing alcohol

If you itch the salt rub it very relieving!!
but be sure not to let the blister ooz and blot with rubbing alcohol

joe cool
another grandma remedy is put oatmeal on it! cook it ...let it cool and then put on the area...it draws out the ooze and soaks it up! benedryl and patience...

Paramedic Chance Jackson
The best approach to poison ivy dermatitis is prevention. Once it begins, the rash will usually clear on its own by 14-21 days. Treatment is directed at controlling the itching. Oral antihistamines (like Benadryl) may help the itch somewhat, but often do no more than make people drowsy. Cortisone creams, whether over-the-counter or by prescription, are only helpful if applied right away, before blisters appear, or much later, when the blisters have dried up. Compresses with cool water or Burow's solution (available without prescription) can help dry ooze faster.

When the rash is severe, such as when it affects the face or causes extensive blistering, oral steroids (for example, prednisone) help produce rapid improvement. This course of therapy should be maintained, often in decreasing doses, for 10-14 days or even longer in some cases, to prevent having the rash rebound and become severe again. Patients who are given a six-day pack of cortisone pills often get worse again when they complete it, because the dose was too low and kept up for too short a time.

Folklore, medical and otherwise, endorses many other agents, from aloe leaves to tea bags to meat tenderizer. These remedies are generally harmless, but are of questionable value.

take a shower use lots of soap.

I used to get that stuff all the time when i was younger. Just remember that the way that it spreads is the liquid puss stuff that is transmitted by spreading the liquid. It is an oily substance that is excreted, so it is very contageous. Keep cool and clean. Definitely the least time with clothing rubbing against it. DO NOT TOUCH OR SCRATCH IT. i used the pink calamyne lotion, and that worked better than anything else. Also when you are drying something contagious, don't use your towel as it will spread. Either air-dry that whole area or pat it very softly with paper towels and throw away the towels. I would not touch it with anything as it will itch like no other. Hope that was helpful!

Dr. Patrick V. Suglia
Go to a drug store and get some calamine lotion. That usually does the trick.

vickie n
If you go to the doctor if severe enough they will give you a Medrol Dose Pack which gets rid of it pretty quickly.

Scott T
Agree with the shower and lots of soap. Also use calamine lotion. If you're extremely itchy, take a Benadryl but don't mix it with alcohol or other medications.

Wash the area with a gentle soap and plenty of water,

Put caladryl on it, and pop a couple benedryls.

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