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What's the best/fastest way to flush impurties out from your bloodstream?

Lots of cocaine, meth, pot and acid!!!

Drinking lots of pure water, taking a few doses of Crab Apple (a Bach Flower Essence) and receiving Reiki - this combination is good for a fast and safe detox.

Anna W
i would suggest drinking lots of water and non caffinated or alcoolic drinks such as fresh juice. eat plenty of healthy foods such as fresh fruit and vegitables and have a good rest. should flush out most impurities.....failing that, a colonic irrigation unpleasnt but effective

Fast for a day, drinking only water with a little lemon in it.

sr looloo
health food shops sell red clove take this and drink plenty of fresh water.on a normal diet you should have 2 litres of water a day so have more than that.

I could be wrong but i would think eat nothing but fruit veg and nuts for a few days and drink loads of water.

Take Red Clover complex from an herbal store. It's an excellent blood purifier.


Green Tea

hans m
Drink loads of water ----- Six pints for three days should clean you out.

John S
Was someone smoking pot? Drink tons of water. You can buy things at the local drug store to help clean your system too.. i forget what its called thou. I'm sure someone here knows what it is

Drink as much liquid as you can 8-10 pints non alcohol

Drinking lots of water will dilute impurities and will make it easier for the kidneys and liver to get everything back to normal. You may need to go to the toilet a lot but each time you go a little bit of the impurity is leaving your system.


nicola b
Go on a detox. Loads of water and raw fruit and veg for a few days. Use organic if you can to minimise toxins

you mean drugs?
well lots of water helps remove any toxins from the body.
Try a sauna too.

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