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What's that little bubble that comes up when you get a burn? ?
i burnt myself on my knuckle and it had these gross fluid flilled bumps on it. ew, i couldn't evenlook at it. but it busted yesterday at work. is that ok? like was i just supposed to wait until it went down? what was inside of it?

Water Blister.

I always pop mine with like a tack.

Its fun!

Lana Modl
The bubble is how your body heals itself after a burn.. It is usually supposed to break or burst after a while when healing. Do not put a bandage on it because it needs to "breath" but you may what to put Neosporin on it just so it wont get infected.

If it busted that's great because pressure is relieved and water is released.

You can also let the body reabsorb the water but it doesn't hurt to pop it and release that water fluid.

What you had is called a blister. The fluid inside is your body healing itself. Usually, a blister will break if it's in a place that moves a lot. You shouldn't try to break one if you get one again. Keep it clean and dry. If it's still oozing, cover it with a bandaid.

its a blister as far as i know

It is called a blister. The fluid inside is water. DO NOT POP IT IF YOU CAN HELP IT!!!!!!!!!! The reason you don't want to pop is that by filling the area with water you body 1. Trying to cool down the burn and 2. your body is trying to protect the damaged area from more harm (like getting dirt or bacteria). Plus it can hurt really bad if you pop it.

Hope you burn heals fast.

it is a blister. The fluid is a way to help clean and protect the injury. it is best if it doesn't rupture as when the skin is exposed by the sac breaking it is exposed to infection. the fluid inside was just water. You shouldn't break a blister on purpose it is best to let it go down on it's own.

Jon S
It's a blister and the fluid inside is commonly known as "pus" but it's actually your bodies defenses against infection. You should have wraped it loosely and put some silvadene cream on it.

Its fluid that your body produces when your skin is "burned" it like your body's natural cooling ability. since you have popped them you must keep them clean. put some antibiotic ointment on it with a sterile bandage on them until they start to heal, then at night let the air at them. Good luck. I am a nurse

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