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Urination in own bath water is it bad or good for you?
Conflicting ideas are aired some say it is good others would disagree.

I would say neither also. Urination is actually very clean and sanitary (chemical scrubbers in the liver or whatever), but I would agree ditbge about smelling like pee all day.

I think it is mostly good... Urine contains salt which sometimes helps clean and you are immune to your own pee, meaning it won't be detrimental to your health.

If you are going to pee in your bath, why bother taking a bath. It defeats the purpose.

That is just too gross to talk about and especially doing. I mean come on it does not get no nastier than that!!

How can it be good if you have urinals specified for this action? You take a bath to cleanse yourself.Bathing in your own filth is simply disgusting.

I disagree, if some one has skin diseases and would not like to apply stuffs like oilments instead to have natural ways, y not to try ayurvedic medicines or natural plants like Margosa tree leaves (azadirachta indica),turmeric paste or both grinded together, this has magical effects

drinking it also good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it also works well on sores, blackheads, and is a great facial cleaner!!!!

I would say no its not good. Especially for girls. I think that could cause yeast infections. For guy i dont really know. Ive never heard of this or known anyone that does this. I wouldnt do it for the simple fact that youd probably smell like pee pee all day. Now in the shower i guess thats differet. I know alot of army guys that pee in the shower when the were deployed because they didnt have time to do it otherwise. But um ya this is a weird subject. Are you thinking of doing this or something? If so and you live with someone ask them before you do it...

it has been said to cure atheletes feet by urinating on your own feet but they say rubbing a babies urinated diaper on acne makes it go away too. Also I have heard a person say that a drop of urine in the ear will prevent ear aches. eeeewwww The whole thing is gross, God made pee to come out as waste not be used for a cure. But in answer to question about in the bathwater, it doesn't really matter bcause it gets diluted and isn't harmful in gallons and gallons of water

Definitely bad, nothing good, it's contain dirt out of our bodies. A little is no problem, just clean up with bathing. Are you wondering if it works as a cure? I don't think it is.

Its no big deal to pee in the shower it pretty much functions like a toilet (it goes down the drain) plus if you got any on you -your washing yourself anyway - but peeing in your bath water is pretty gross cause that would mean your bathing in it -its no different than peeing a swimming pool except that its going to touch you alot quicker than in a pool. And if your doing this your not really clean when get out of the bath -i'm sure you would still have traces of urine all over you and possibly even in your hair unless you were to shower off after the bath -its pretty nasty stuff - as for being good or bad for you - i would say BAD -its just bad hygiene and could possibly cause you to get bacterial infections in weird places

It is OK, don't make an effort not to.. Everybody has done it once or twice in their life.

Peeing in the shower, no big deal. Peeing in a bath, problem. It's waste, do you really want to be sitting in it?

Why would you want to?

I heard Madonna say that she pees in the shower because it cures athlete's foot.

I wouldn't won't the ratio of pee to me to be too large, but a few ounces won't hurt. Babies have been sitting in their own pee since babies were invented.

Neither, just don't do it.

no its bad .i think well my mum told me this when i was small. dont pee in he bath because it will go in your b u m sorry im dont swear

It's o.k. to pee in the shower or the bath water. Urine is sterile, meaning no germs/bacteria. It is less harmful than the water itself, which is full of germs. If the urine is infected, won't change anything, you already have a UTI & aren't going to give yourself another or top of it. However, you don't want to be in a bathtub, with someone that has a UTI, because they have just contaminated the water. But, if it's just you....pee to your hearts content.

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