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Alli Marie
Soap in my eye?
I just got soap in my eye and now its all red and it feels like there is somthing in my eye that wont come out, and i dont have any eye drops so i ran in the shower and the the water run into my eye..but now it still hurts and is still all red..what can i do to make it feel and look better before i go to a party tonight????? Please help!

Beatrice L
wash it out alot

Ashley P
Put a rag over it but make sure its dry. Then soon it wont be red.

Twilight Junkie

just wash it out every couple of muntes.

If they are really irritated you may have to go the ER.

Flushing with water is the best thing. DON'T USE REGULAR EYE DROPS. Most eye drops will aggrevate your eye if soap is still in the eye. The best thing would be a medicated eye rinse. If that is not avalible, the only thing is to keep rinsing with water.

Visine-A® Eye Drops

Patrick McGoogle
You need to run it under cool water for 15 minutes at least to get the chemicals out as soap is acidic and will continue to burn and cause pain and redness.
As you run it under the water try and keep your eye open as much as possible.

andy c
Go to the drug store and buy some eye drops. Make sure they're the kind that get the redness out. You'll be fine if you do that. Good luck.

just let it rest and flush it out with cold water for a couple of seconds...it should clear up?!?!?

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