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Should I use a wrist brace?
I am 14 years old and I sprained my wrist and I am currently using an ace bandage. It provides ligth support but It isn't really helping with the pain, because whenever I turn it,move it or even rub my hand over it it hurts. I want to buy a wrist brace but would it help my wrist not to hurt when I move it. The wrist is still tender and swollen but it may help with that too. I sprained it by jumping on the couch and landing on my hands and my right wrist bent too far back.

Nick W
somewhat, take some top care pain relief pills and buy a wrist brace, and stop moving your wrist as hard as it is

wear the wrist brace it will help restrict movement so it can heal.

Well, it will give you a more strong and steady support. But I think the wrist brace is fine. It won't do anything to make the healing process heal wrong. Alot of times they use those wrist braces for people that have fractured (Not a full brake) in the wrist. But a sprained wrist in one of those would protect it better of course. Its harder around it and soft in the inside. So it probably would help. But what you can do is just put ice on it and take Ibeophen to help with the swelling and the pain.

Sir Cairo
Ask your parents. If not, ask your school clinic doctor. If not, ask your doctor.

Usually an ace bandage provides enough support for a sprain to help with the pain. I would suggest getting it looked at because it sounds like it needs to be x-rayed and a doctor can suggest what is the best treatment for your wrist. Usually a sprain is not aggravated by just rubbing your hand over it. I do not know that a wrist brace would make it much better if the ace bandage isn't helping much. Good luck!

Havas nana
did you get it xrayed. sound like you could have a hairline fracture and that will hurt for some time.

You should have it xrayed because a small fracture (also known as a break) can be present and will only show up on an xray.
You shouldn't use a brace without a physician giving you the correct type for your injury. If you use any old type you can find, it can cause more damage than do good.
Also, there are several bones in the wrist and upper hand that have a low blood supply and can take several months to heal. Sometimes they even require surgery. The only way you can find out what exactly is affected is to have it checked by a physician.

Until then, you can use ice packs but don't apply directly to the skin. Put a towel in between your skin and the ice pack. You can take Ibuprofen for the swelling and pain. But definitely have it checked out.

Get your parents to take you to the doctor and have it x-rayed.
When I was 22 yrs old I was playing softball and slid into home-plate. I bent my hand backwards as you described. I went to the hospital and they said I didn't break it but I tore up
the ligaments...had to wear a half-cast for 6 weeks. Always
be cautious with an injury.

These people below have good things to say..it could be a hairline fracture..you don't have a clue. Quit trying to play doctor and let someone look at it. Immobilization of any injury is step number #1, but it's not to be done instead of going to the doctor. It's to prevent any further injury until you get to one, and you should have gone several days ago when the injury occured. You always come here and want answers from complete strangers and that is kind of fun to do, I realize that. But do not use these boards instead of a professional. Even a medical professional could not diagnose you "over the phone" so to speak. You have to go there, be examined, get an x-ray, whatever. But I would insist on a sports medicine orthopod to look at it. They are the most qualified, and you will not grow a new wrist, hand, whatever. I don't know why you keep coming here first, when you should be at the doctor's office as soon as possible following an injury. I realize you didn't know in this case, but if it is still painful 48 hours later, that is a sign of some kind of injury.

kit walker
Get an X-Ray..Could be a slight 'scarphoid' wrist break..I did this 3 three times without realising..X-Ray first,then "tiger balm" applied with a bandage...then a wrist brace..sounds like a slight crack in your wrist..Rest it..See your Doctor you can trust and slowly ....get back into the game..DO NOT walk before you can run..From Experience..Sadly. Good Luck!

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