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Shot a nail through finger... help!?
hey, so my boyfriend accidentally shot a nail through his finger, but luckily didn't go all the way through. it hit the nail and made a hole in the nail... what can i do to help him keep from infecting?

My life My life!!!
Antiseptic and a band aid.

Of course you've washed it with soap and water. I would keep a smidge of antibiotic ointment on it, and cover it with a band-aid.
With any open cut, if he works out at a gym, make sure he uses the liquid soap and not the bar soap. You can pick up bacteria from a bar.
Just think clean, clean, clean.
Just to be informative to everyone, there is a strain of staph becoming more prevelant around the U.S. It's called Staphylococcus aureus. (CA-MRSA).
If anyone gets cuts, shaving nicks and bug bites put a topical antibiotic on it and keep it clean and covered with a bandage. If you come down with a fever, have aches and pains or the infection seems to be spreading, that's when you need to call your doctor.

OUCH-are you a Dr??? guess not if your asking a ton of strangers what to do....my guess would be he should see a DR.

bobbie j
well, you did step one - got on to yahoo! answers.
step two - take him to a doctor

charlie's angel
clean it out and take him to the emergency room. he should probably get a tetanus shot.

just my opinion. hope this helps.

wash with antibacterial soap.

Clean it with hydrogen peroxide and use a sterile bandage on it after you've used some Neasporin.

They're right that you should get medical attention. That's a puncture wound and easily infected.

j p
you should take him to the emergency room
they will tell you how to take care of it
they will also probably give him a tetanus shot

Go to a DR. My brother did that and he didn't go to a docter right away and it got infected (VERY PAINFUL) . He will propaby need a tetanus shot to.

Sharon D
Is your boyfriend up to date with his anti-tetanus injection? I think they last for about 10 years before a booster is required, would be a good idea to have one if it's out of date. Antiseptic cream for now and check with your doctor. Good luck to him.

Go to a minor emergency clinic. They will clean it and bind it up. Then they will give the boyfriend a tetanus shot. The tetanus shot is a heck of a lot more preferable to getting an bad infection or tetanus. They can also give you better instructions on how to prevent infection since they can actually inspect the wound.

Daniel H
Clean it with soap and water, apply an antibiotic ointment, bandage it and keep it covered till it starts healing.You all might think about getting a tetnus shot (health department gives them if money is tight) and he hasn't had one in the last ten (10) years.watch for redness and discharge go to dr if it developes.

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