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Severe sunburn!?! How do I stop the stinging!!??
ok so spring break kicked my butt.. i got a little burn and it started peeling, then i got another burn on top of that, im past the blister phase but it hurts sooooo bad, anything to stop the stinging?!?! even aloe vera burns... its reallyyyyyyyyyy bad!!

Doc Stone
Pour vinegar on it. That will take the burn out everytime. Amazing stuff.


Brown eyed girl
cool, not cold, washcloths, noxzema cools, too

Little Softy
There are products out there that can lessen the sting. The products contain lidocaine and they just get sprayed on. I also recommend cool bath or shower to help get rid of the heat that is in your skin causing the pain. I feel your pain.. I did that to myself last year and the spray I bought really helped to save my bacon..lol

Gary S
Take a tea bag and place it in a cup of water. Let it sit for about 20 minutes. After 20 mins take the cup with tea bag in it lie down on floor have someone take the tea bag out of the cup, let excess water drain from the bag, then have them pat the tea on your bag. Let this air dry. You can do this every hour or so.
Now this mat sound strange but the tea has tanic acid in it which takes the burning and stining out of the sunburn. My mother used to do this whenever I got a sunburn as a child and it really helped.

if u have blisters or are past them....u need to goto the hospital right away. blisters indicate a second degree burn, which is bad. i would advise a trip to the ER immedately!!!!!

only time

Oh poor you. Aloe is good, try storing it in the fridge before using it. If it is really bad, consult a medic.

I feel for you. I sunburn in less than 10 minutes without sunscreen.
This is what my family uses since I can never found the aloe crap.take a tylanol for pain and Take one small can of canned milk (whole milk works too) and pour it into a bowl put it in the freezer while you go take a cool shower(no soaps just rinse off). Once you get out take the milk out of the freezer. Using a soft cloth dab the milk on all areas that are sunburned. let it dry. it will feel sticky and gross and you skin will feel like it is shrinking this is just the lactic acid in the milk drawing the heat out of the burn. after the milk drys take another shower using a mild soap like baby wash or ivory. You can repeat this daily but usually it only takes one time to work. If your skin starts to peel pour 2 cups of whole milk into a tub of cool water and soak for 20 or 30 minutes to help the skin heal remoisterize and cut down on the itchy you get

Chris Jespersen
i think this might be bad advice but let me know if it works.. try something like lemon juice.. it should be cool to the touch and smell good to.. let me know how it works

If even aloe or lotion is burning, do not apply it to the burn. You are risking infection. See a doctor. You will need silver sulfadiazine. You need a prescription to get it. Sulfadiazine is an antibiotic ointment formulated for burns. It will ease the pain and promote healing.


Apple Cider Vinegar or white vinegar from the grocery store. My grandmother would spray it on us as little kids, worked every time. You need water also to keep from dehydrating! Good Luck!

If you're burned so bad that aloe vera burns you, you should go to the doctor. But hon, next time wear sunscreen! You can give yourself skin cancer getting that kind of sunburn, not to mention it'll age your skin and give you wrinkles.

Aloe should not burn

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