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Please help me....My son was bit by mosquitoes last night and now woke up with rashes and a severe swelling!?
Someone please help me? Yesterday evening when playing outside my 3 year old son got bit by mosquitos a few times on the back of his neck, the side of his neck, and one above his eyebrow. Now when he woke up this morning, the bite on the side of his neck swelled up the size of a large grape, and he has huge red blotchy looking patches of rash on his cheeks, and one side stems all the way from his ear & under ear, and also on forehead and neck. They are also hot to the touch. Can somebody with good medical knowledge please help me, I live a ways from the E.R., my husband has the car, and I'm extremely worried :(

Courtney L
I dont kno but get him to the doctor veryyyy fast. You should have friends or family that wouldnt mind taking u. He is probably allergic to them. All i can say is rub alcohol all over him to heal it a bit, but get to the doctor FAST!

havanna j
Bendryl. I have a mesquito problem too. I went out once and my leg was covered in dozens of mesquito bites. I just took a benedryl. Give him a bendryl. Also put calamine lotion on the bites to soothe the itching and dry up the bites.

He is having an allergic reaction. Give him some Benadryl ASAP. Get him to the ER as soon as you can as well. If at any times, he has trouble breathing, you need to call 911 and get an ambulance to take him. But again, get him to ER as soon as possible. I am sure your husband will bring the car home knowing his son needs to get to ER. If not, then call 911 immediately.

gave him Benadryl three times daily , apply Benadryl cream . It's most likly due to allergic reaction but if redness is increasing may need Antibiotic. You need to watch for respiratory difficulty due to allergic reaction. in that case need call 911.

First thing is for you to calm down. I know that is hard when you are scared and worried. If it was a life threatening allergic reaction it would have happened last night after the initial bite. wash all the bites with soap and water. Apply an anti itch cream like benadryl or calamine lotion. Give your son the appropriate dosage for his age and weight of benadryl. and tylanol if he is in pain or feverish. Call his doctor for an appointment if the swelling does not start going away or gets worse. If your son starts having trouble breathing or having asthma like symptoms or running a high fever call 911 or go to the ER

Probably your son is hyper-sensitive to mosquitoe bites.
Just do First-aide...apply ice-packs and stay away from mosquitos.
call 911 for more advice

Matthew M
Is he having problems breathing? Is his pulse really really rapid? Put some Benadryl cream on the bites, if you have any, or some Caladryl. Then, give him some Benadryl by mouth. If he continues to itch, you can run a COOL not COLD bath and put some oatmeal in it if you have any oatmeal. Stay with him with he bathes and keep the water on him. After about fifteen minutes of this, take him out of the tub. If he doesn't get any better, or he begins to have trouble breathing, get him to the ER.

do you have children's benadryl? If so give him some. If not and you have neighbors with kids, ask if they do. Otherwise keep him comfortable with ice packs, tylenol or motrin for pain /discomfort and keep an eye on him for shortness of breath.


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