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la virgen
Please help, i burned myself how do i prevent a scar?
HELP!!! i burned myself with the clothing iron on my arm. it's the third or fourth day, right now it's still red and i've put a lot of neosporin on it but it's sooo red i'm scared it will be an ugly disgusting scar! what can i put on it to ease it? what can i do?

Toothpaste will help ease the pain, whilst you should invest in a product called bi-oil which you apply everyday and slowly reduces the scar. It will cost around $15-20 from your local chemist.

Hope this helps!

Okay, so toothpaste usually works, but only if you put it on right away. Remember that for next time.

So now, I suggest rubbing aloe vera gel on it frequently, it'll help. Hope you heal well soon!

Make up could help but I'm pretty sure that you don't wanna put it on for the rest of your life. Have you tried aloe vera? Or you probaly can get special surgery to get rid of it.

x HuNniBuN x
put on vaseline! this keeps he skin soft and can prevent severe scaring! dont cover it up ither! good luck! if it dose scar scar's eventualy fade so it will not be ugly! dont worry and good luck!x

Pure Vitamin E. You can get it at any drug store. Make sure it is PURE and NOT a lotion or mixture. It is great for any scars not just burns.

If you have an aloe vera plant cut off a stem and rub the goo on. It's more for burn relief but I also find it helps the scar.

Good luck!!

Clothing irons leave terrible burns and I'm sorry you got burned. I would suggest letting a doctor look at it and tell you what's best to do. I know this wasn't the answer you were looking for but you shouldn't mess around with burns.

there is not much you can do for a burn wound its not like a cut you have killed the cells in your arm and it will proobibly leave a small csacar dependeing on how badly you burend it

Ashley N

Neosporin helps for fast healing... Fast healing can typically help inhibit scarring

my sister used merderma and this aloe gel. but scars dont go away quickly so dont expect it to be gone in a day. if u use those it should eventually disappear!! GOOD LUCK!!

Mary M
I've used aloe vera successfully in the past. It's best if you have the plant, but gel will work as well. It also helps the burn stop hurting. It's best if used immediately, but I imagine it would still help.

Alireza A
I suppose consuming Triamcinolon ointment according to new medicine or honey according to traditional medicine on your injured skin; but I advise you to counsel with Dermatologist


I have found cutting open vitamin e capsules and spreading the vitamins directly on the burn. Although I think scarring is eminent based on one's general body make-up. Hope you feel better

You may end up having a scar anyway. Best thing to do to take the "burn" or redness out of it is to use something with Aloe in it. I'd recommend straight Aloe if you have it. (There are plants that you can by if you don't.) I wouldn't recommend hand lotion - there may be ingredients that can make it worse.

Rose S
Do you have a Alovera plant or get some gel of it at drug store without alcohol in it. Plus using vitimin E capsule inbetween, beak it open and put on it.

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