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Omg! I got stung by a bee yesterday, and it sweled my arm, and now its spreading!?
Ok, im not sure what type of bee it was, but I was wondering if this happened to you, and what to do. (Me and my mom are going to CVS soon to get a remedie.)
Here's what happened. I was outside yesterday at school when I crossed my arms, then a bee stung me. (Of course I started screeming, ha ha.) And then a few other things happened that aren't importaint, but I went to the nurse and got ice on it about 5-10 min. later.
Now my arm is sweld and spreading (About 9 inches long, the swel.)
I Just talked to my dad about it and we both think its a wasp, but I got to go, so if you can realate to anything, that would really help. Thanks!

if you are allergic you will die

It sounds like you are allergic. First try taking benadryl, there's no sense in running to the doctor if you can take care of it on your own. If the benadryl doesn't help and it get worse, go to the doctor or emergency room depending on how bad it is.

Paramedic Girl
Take an antihistamine, and keep icing it for 10 minutes at a time every hour. Its a good idea to get it looked at by your doc too since it has worsened.

Benadryl tablets/capsules and Benadryl topical cream.

go to the store & get some benadryl & put a cold compress on it.

bill l
benadrly is needed tablet form. take 4 tabs now and then 3 later and reduce the dose as you get better. you can use cold or ice packs to help with the swelling. you should consider seeing an allergy specialist about this matter. you need not do that right now but soon get tested for insect bites stings. the rate at which your swelling and redness and soreness came on is the indicator of how severe your allergy to the bug .
i say see the specialist as you may have a more severe reaction next time.
so again at this time take the antihistamines the tablets. you can if you like also get a topical antihistamine and use that as well as the tablets.
if after 12 hours you are not nearly 100% bbetter you should see a doctor. if you find you get worse even after the pills then go to the er. most likely you will feel very tired from the antihistamines and end up sleeping . while you sleep mom and dad should look in and listen to you breath as well as look at your arm. if you sound like you have trouble with breathing then off to the hospital right away other wise sleep this all away.

it could be a minor allergic reaction to the venom.

if the swelling doesn't go down or you start to have trouble breathing head to the doctor as soon as possible.

i got stung 3 times throughout my life (by 2 yellow jackets and a wasp). and never did i have a reaction like yours. after i put ice on it the swelling went down not up, so thats why i think you have a slight reaction to the venom.

you should go to the store and get some benydryl...and some baking soda. and put some baking soda on the wound.

if the problem gets any worse go to the doctor as soon as you can!

take care.

Na Na
when you get stung some times the stinger gets stuck in your skin. when i get stung my arm always swells up. theres a couple things u could try like one is you put some water in some baking soda and rub it on where u got stung and it helps pull out the stinger and its venum. also i know it sounds dumb but my aunt told me if u get a hemroidal cream and rumb it on your burn and where you got stung it also helps it.

sounds like a pretty bad allergic reaction. you are probably going to cvs to get benadryl no doubt, but if not, get some benadryl and take as directed. also, get a pen and mark where the swelliing is now. that way you can tell if it's getting better or worse. the real danger lies in what happens the next time you get stung. you should see an allergy doctor and have what is known as an "epi-pen" at home, in your car, in your purse...because the next time you get stung, you could have a severe reaction known as anaphalyxis with is a life threatning emergency. make sure and talk to a doctor about your reaction to this sting. take pictures of it too and measure it so you can tell your doctor.

Dania C
I would call your MD and ask for a suggestion. If you were SEVERELY allergic, you would have suffered from anaphylaxis yesterday (inability to breathe).
However, you are definitely experiencing an allergic reaction.

Benadryl topical and pills will probably help. Oh and the pharmacist would be a great resource.

A similar situation happened to me a few years back. I went to the hospital and it turned out it was infected. The doctor said it was probably a wasp and since they don't lose their stingers, most likely stund a dirty animal or something and then me. A week of antibiotics and I was much better. If there is a area of redness, swelling, and/or pain, I would mark the border of the redness w/ a pen to measure if the redness is spreading, and then go see the doctor.

You might be allergic. You should see a doctor right away.

ur probs allergic, some people dont get a reaction straight away. Straight to the E.R

You need to take a histamine blocker, like Diphenalhydromine (Benedryl) the adult does of which is 25mg. (One capsule). If the swelling continues you could also take a Pepsid (It is a pill for indigestion). As weird as this sounds Pepsid helps because it is a Histamine receptor 2 blocker. (Benedryl is a Histamine receptor 1 blocker) So yeah should know it right out. Also if this happened yesterday, then you do not have to worry about being deathly allergic or anything. You do however most likely have a sensitivity to bee stings. This means the next time you get stung, you will want to take a benedryl right away, and monitor your symptoms very carefully. As the next time you get stung you may have a anaphaltic reaction (Throat swelling, drop in blood pressure) That is the BAD reaction. Hope your arm feels better!

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