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nowhere near average
Nose bleed: Hold your head up or down?
My grandma and aunt, both nurses, say that you should hold your head up. But most other people say head down. Wich is it?

I get nosebleeds alot due to clutzyness so I need to know this.

Your grandma and aunt are right, hold your head up!!

Cindles G
hold your head up

hold your head down then the blood can come out..
if you hold your head up where does the blood go.... stuck in your head.. thats gross..

your grandmother and mother are absolutely correct...hold your head up,sometimes putting ice across the bridge of your nose will stop the bleeding

Elizabeth Iris
OK, both are right, but it is better to hold your head down then it is up. the human stomach can only ingest so mush blood before you will throw up. When you tilt your head up you are allowing the blood to drain down your throat and avoid staining your clothes...on the other hand if you swallow too much blood, you ARE going to throw up or might even feel nauseated for a while.
Holding your head up is a more old school way of thought, and in newer nurse training, they teach you to put your head down and apply pressure.
Personally, I can buy another shirt, I don't want to throw up!

What the Pho?
I think it's heads up, but the fastest way to stop nosebleeds is to pinch your nose for like a minute or so, depending on how much your bleeding. Like if it's light, then maybe 35sec, but just keep doing it and it'll stop really fast.

Hold it down!

terry r
nasal spray and cotton will make it go away

Depends do you want to swallow the blood when holding a tissue up to your nose when ur head is up or for it to come right out into the tissue when holding down? I say down but unless you like the taste of blood going down your throut then coughing it up down is the better chose

hold you're head down, when you hold it up blood can run down into your stomach, causing you to throw up, also you could try putting an ice pack on the back of your neck (counds silly but that blood vessels that go to your nose run up the back of your neck)

I get them alot as well, and it was believed that you should hold it back.. but most recently I was told to keep it straight forward, blood isnt running in either direction, out your nose or down your throat.

you hold your head down. if you hold it up, the blood will run down your throat.

The best way is to pinch your nose and lie down. I had that happen when I had altitude sickness mountain climbing. That is what I did. If clutsiness is a concern and if that is your reason, don't be falling down. You shouldn't have problems with nose bleeds too much. Have your bloodpressure checked.

up....if you have them alot you should have it checked out

The Correct Answer is pinching your nostrils just at the Bridge of the Nose, pinching it to slow down the blood flow.

You should proceed to put you head down kinda into your chest and should rest comfortably preferably on the ground but a chair will do.

Pinch your Nostrils for about 10 minutes, if it doesnt stop after 10 minutes you should seek further Medical Attention.

Tilting your head back could cause Swallowing of blood which could cause nausea or vomitting, depending on how long your head is tilted back that blood could coagulate and cause a breathing emergency,

I am a Cpr Instructor but what do I know lol.


Alex C
Keep your nose down. When up it mixes with snot (gross I know) and you could choke on it. Roll up a bit of toilet paper and put it inside it should stop, but if it doesn't call a hospital hotline for more info.

ps- Nose bleeds are usually caused by the popping of veins inside the nose so you really want to stop the bleeding.

Make sure that you hold your head straight forward.
If you tilt it back, blood can drain down into other areas like your lungs, which can obviously cause problems.
The position of your head won't slow bleeding at all, it has to run it's course.
If you put a toilet paper or kleenex plug in, wet it a little so that when you pull it out it won't pull out the clot that has formed.
Putting slight pressure on the bridge of your nose can sometimes help by keeping the blood from flowing through the ruptured vessels, allowing it to stick together long enough to form a clot.
Good luck with that!

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