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Bitterly Sweet
Need help and info with stiches?
I had a small lump removed from under the skin on my leg today and got about 10 stiches. I don't really know how to take care of them. What I want to know is if i bend my leg (like walking or sitting) they feel really tight and i'm afraid of them popping. can that happen? how long until the skin streches and it doesn't feel tight? and what would be the best madicine for pain? i heard advil (ibuprofen) can cause more bruising, but what generic pain killer would be the same as tylenol? and how long should i keep the band-aids on it, and should i put medicine on them? or leave them how they are?

call you dr.

you need to call your health care provider. Or if your ppo or hmo offers a 24 hour advice nurse sevice call it. Good luck hope you feel better soon.

Your health care provider should have given you instructions. Please call them and ask what to do.

OK first the doctor or hospital should have given you a paper with the instructions on it before you left. They should have also gone over it with you as well.

Since this has the potential for a real problem to come about I would contact them ONLY...
If you do anything that they did not tell you it is your problem !!!

Right now whom ever the doctor nurse and facility is will be responsible if they did not tell you what to do for your home care.


Dirty D
Yes they can pop open. The skin should take about a week to be fully recovered and then the stitches will either rot out on their own or you will need to have the doctor take them out. For pain he should have gave you a prescription for something like Vicodin. Aspirin is a big no-no because it thins the blood and may cause bleeding at the site.
As for keeping it covered you should keep it covered the whole time unless you are allergic to the tape they use on the bandages.

do a web search (google) look at "care of stitches"

The thing is, they tie the tissue and skin together so as to give the thing a chance to heal up. Wash *lightly* over the skin with water. Good luck.

So, where is the wound? If its on a joint, then the stiches are under a lot of strain/tension, and you should try to avoid moving the joint too much for a day or two. However, if it isn't on a joint, then the chance of you popping your stiches is low. Sometimes, they feel tight because the doctor had to pull the skin back together - that should improve as you heal. I'd leave the bandages on for tonight. Tomorrow, if your doctor said it was okay, you should be able to get the stiches wet, and you can wash the area gently with soap and water. Then, you may want to apply a little bit (just a little) of neosporin (or the like) on top of the stiches. This may help to prevent infection, and may improve healing. Then place a small bandage over the area. Just make sure the bandage isn't tight, so the wound is exposed to air, but not to the friction of your clothes.

I think ibuprofen is the best way to go for pain relief. It is unlikely to really make you bruise if you're young and healthy.

Sutures usually need to be left in for about 7-10 days, unless they are over a joint in an area of high tension, then maybe for fourteen.

Reasons to return to the doctor include: increased redness at the site of the sutures, if the wound drains pus or blood, increased pain at the site, or warmth.

Both answers that you already have are good, but, when I had stitches in my nostril, from having it almost ripped loose in a car accident, in 1973, the doctor had me put an ointment on it.. otherwise the scar would have been worse.. Now, you can barely see the scar.. and, while stitches can pop, do NOT exercise the area, and just use caution if you HAVE to bend that area.
Good luck..

They shouldn't pop open, but they can.
Keep them covered for 24 hours, that prevents the major window of infection.
It will feel tight until you get the stiches out... but then they will start to stretch.
What generic is the same as tylenol? Acetaminophen... of any sort.
don't put any medicine on it until the stiches are out, then rub on it with vitamin E, x's 20 minutes a session to reduce scar.

the stitches can pop open if they are stretched too far. if the skin feels really tight when you bend your leg-keep it straight. if the stitches pop open, you increase the risk of infection getting into the area and you'll have to have it restitched as well.

stitches take about 10-14 days to heal and then they can be removed.

ibuprofen helps with pain and reduces swelling. motrin works best. take 200-400mg every 6 hours but no more than 1200mg in 24 hours. you can buy the store brand of motrin as well-it costs less and works just the same.

keep it covered until they are ready to be removed-this will help keep germs out and prevent the stitches from coming out. do not apply anything to them-certain substances can actually dissolve the stitches and cause them to open....

keep the area dry as well-i know this is hard to do when showering. take a large plastic bag and cut a strip large enough to wrap around your leg and cover the stitches. tape the bag around your leg and make sure it is completely sealed-this will help keep the area dry while you shower...

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