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My left ear is burning hot, it feels like its on fire. why?

Additional Details
ear infection? oh do be quiet, if you cant say anything serious then dont bother please. tut.........

Connor MacLeod
i dont know just keep a cold flannel on it to make the burning go away or someone might be talking abut you

Move away from the radiator!

I have that problem from time to time. It can be anything from being too hot, eating something spicy. I notice it in myself when I get dehydrated and haven't drank enough water that day. If it never happens to you, but just did today, you could have an ear infection. Usually it only last about 20 -30 minutes when I have it, if it lasts for days, you should see a doctor.

Why So Serious?
Because you keep touching it.

you may have high blood pressure .

You may have an ear infection. Try to clean out lightly with a Qtip. If that doesn't help, dont' do anything else, you could cause serious trouble to your eardrum. Go straight to a Doctor - Ear, nose and throat specialist.

Infection, irritation, who knows! What I use for ear problems is lie down and pour a capful of hydrogen peroxide into the ear and let it bubble. It's very good at cooling and also relieving any pain that may be present. Let it soak until the bubbling stops, and I bet it will be better the next day. My mom did this when I was little, and I've used it even on my own daughters. Good Luck.

Carrie C
someones talking bout you lol

old wife tale - someone is talking about you in a nice way

Have you left a burning cigarette behind your ear.

Did you answer the phone while doing the ironing?
HA we love the old ones ay MICK!!!!

My gran always used to say your ears would burn if someone was gossipping about you!

Did someone phone you while you were ironing

Marc S
I flicked it with a rubber band when you weren't looking.

Everyday's the same again...
someone's talking 'bout ya!

i said a sea shell........not a toaster.....lol

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