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My ex-boyfriend committed suicide a year ago, atleast but I still think about him...?
I dated someone who was a drug dealer, and he got caught and committed suicide a long time ago. However, I still talk about him and have dreams that he is stil alive.. what is wrong with me? why can't I let go? :(

did he give you some of his drugs?

heres really nothibn wrong with you .its just that you prob was i love with him before he died and havent had the time to end it.its very normal.you could be feelin like this for years so dont worry yu get over it.

Their is nothing wrong with you because it comes natural to miss a love one this question was very interesting to me because i can relate my grand mother died last march an until this day i still think about her.It's a long process and nothing is wrong with you and if that be the case every body in the u.s is crazy and i now that's not true so a word of advise just keep your head up and don't blame your self for others mistakes and remember it's a long process.

I don't think that it is something wrong with u, his death was horrible and it was a shock to u, a trauma, this isnt easy to forget u cant get over it so easy, thats why its better to ask some profesional help, friends are usefull but not so much, i have been thru this

you prolly cant let go kause it is someone u really trully loved deap down!!!maybe u should try talking to him and work things out or maybe try to like someone else like have a new relationship!

I know what you feel like....one of my aunts overdosed and died not too long ago...there is nothing wrong with you...you probally just dont want to let go..even though he is you ex...but dont remember what happend and cry.....remember the good times you had and smile.
; )

lady pleaser
listen death is never easy to go threw.all you can do is think about him and just remember his death wasnt ur falt.good luck i hope i'v been at least a little help.

the fact he was a drug dealer.....but u loved him and I know u miss him. There is nothing wrong about thinking about him...

it's hard i understand. there is nothing wrong with u. it's normal to feel dat way. u can't let go cuz u loved him. it just takes time to get over it. eventually u will. trust me

Dj SmartiePantz
Alexi: It's hard to lose someone you love, especially if he/she commited suicide. Death is rare during your personal life, and that doesen't happen much there either. I don't blame you.

it's a stage of greif... theres 5. check it out... do a search

i am sooo sorry... I really am,the same thing happend when my grandpa died,what it is is that you think of it as a dream like do you kno when you dumped someone and you wake up and sometimes think its a dream...Well you might be feeling the same thing.The best way to deal with it is find so one to talk to that understands you,and cry it out.Im sure he is in a better place.Good luck!Write to me if you ever wanna talk.Im so sorry

i sorry to hear ahout you loss.you are probably think about him and dream about him b/c you miss him and maybe still love him. and also the way he passed away could be a factor.

Nothing is wrong with you. these things take time...

I'm sorry. There isn't a whole lot you can do, it will just take time. In the future you should avoid dating people who are in illegal situations. It sounds as though this guy would have eventually brought you down with him.

But..try to have a happy easter

Letting go of someone that died is hard enough. That he took his own life...makes it harder. Give it more time.

cuz ur still think'in of someone u love

I dont think theres anything "wrong" with you. You were in a relationship with someone who had a very strong impact on your life, and his life ended in a traumatic way for those who are living to deal with. The fact that you project in your dreams the wish that he was still alive is not necesarily anything out of the ordinary. Although some time has passed it doesnt mean that the person will ever necesarily drop out of your life altogether. Even once you have "moved on" he will still come up from time to time. Try and remember the best of what you two shared together, but also try and experience different oppertunites and allow new people to enter into your world.

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