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My earring is stuck inside my ear! literally! HELP!?
I recently got my cartilage pierced
I replaced it with a very small stud
about five minutes ago i tried to take it out. while pulling on the backing i pulled to hard from the back and the stud went straight through my ear
now its stuck right in the middle and its bleeding a lot and i cant get it out
I tried pulling it out all the way AND pushing it back the other way but its all too painful and it wont budge
what should i do?

peter w
use a tooth pick use a bigger gage next time put some saline solution on it

Go to the hospital, you need to be attended by an otorhinolaringologist... you shouldn't try to take out the earring by yourself, specially with a needle, you could damage your timpanic membrane.

Sarah M
a would take a trip to a /e sorry be the best place good luck

Try turning it! If you have cleaner for them, rub that around until it gets wet and then try to turn it and pull it out. If nothing works, i would go to the place you got it pierced. They could help a lot!!! (you will get it out)

Melissa S
Go straight to A&E. Try and get a clean cloth and press it on the bleeding area, this should stop the bleeding from getting worse. Thats all you can do till you get to hosptial.
God bless you.
xxx xxx xxx

Go to the hospital.

Flag N
Call your doctor and get to a hospital ASAP.

Make your way to a minor injury unit or a walk in centre (much quicker than A&E for minor stuff). Just cover your ear with clean non-fluffy cloth (T towel?), and leave it alone - messing around with it will make it swell up and make it more difficult to remove the earring.

Think this is something you can't leave for long. If another person can't use a sterilized needle to get it out...then go to a doctor...I'm sure they get these kinds of things all the time. But whatever you do, don't let it go because it could fester and cause a worse problem.

Try having someone else see if they can do it for you....

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