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Corrine Cupcake ♥
My daughter has earache, what is the best home cure I can give to her?
She has just taken a paracetamol, so hopefully that will begin to work within a few hours. Is there anything else I can do?
Additional Details
She is 13 years old.

Blow cigarette smoke in it then put cottonball in ear to stop smoke from comming out

Some hydrogen peroxide poured into the ear may help eliminate any debris causing pressure in the ear.

The pain killer will do just that but it will not treat the cause.
It is probably an infection that could have started from the throat or nose. The only sure cure is to treat the infection with an antibiotic. Take her to the doctors now as over night she will be in real pain.

Steve W
Wet warm flannel over her ear..

what about somthing warm like wheat cushion that you warm in microwave

Karen J
Earache occurs fairly commonly in children and is often associated with a cold, a sore throat or
teething. This is usually due to a viral infection. Younger children may pull at their ears whilst older
children will complain of discomfort, especially when lying down. Give your child a medicine or tablet
such as paracetamol for their pain and temperature. Raise the head of their bed with a few books or
telephone directories under the head end of the bed or, alternatively, with a cushion or folded blanket
under the top part of the mattress. Ensure they sit in a steamy atmosphere, (either a steamy bathroom
or steamy kitchen) for about quarter of an hour, two or three times a day, to help decongest them.
Avoid exposing your child to cigarette smoke.
When to see the Doctor: If the earache does not settle after about 24 hours or is getting worse.


When children have a cold they are more likely to get middle ear infections. You may also give a painkiller such as childrenÕs Paracetamol. Make sure that at night the childÕs head lies higher than the rest of the body.
hope this helps :)

She really needs to go to the Dr. An ear ache usually means an infection and an antibiotic is needed.

Linzy Lou
A hot water bottle wrapped in a towel is the best way and to just lie quietly for a while.

Mike D
Take her to the doctor if it gets worse.

I read that you should heat a few drops of olive oil and put this in the infected ear. Do this about 3-4 times a day for 5-7 days. If the problem is hard wax in the ear, the olive oil will break it down and it will naturally come out on its own.

Do not clean her ear's with cotton buds. Just pushes wax further into ear.

If unsure, take her to doctors.

Warm up a little of cod liver oil and put it into her ear and then a bit of cotton wool this will ease the ache and will soften any wax that there is , this really works, don't heat the oil to much,.

Use nurofen as well as paracetomol. It's an anti-inflamitory and works side-by-side with the nurofen.

If the symptoms persist, then there maybe an infection of the inner ear or estuchan tube. See your GP.

warm compressors

Earaches are not good. Paracetamol may not always work. My recommendation is to go straight to the doctor instead.

warmed clothe over the side of her face, give her ibuprofen as it is a anti-inflammatory medicine.

The best home cure you can give her is a combination of painkillers and a warm pad to hold to the ear - get some fine table salt, tie it up in a handkerchief or other cloth and sit it on a radiator to warm, once it's warm, let her hold it to her ear, it should help. Re-warm as necessary.

However, the best cure you can get her is to take her to the doctors and get it checked out. She will probably need antibiotics to get rid of it. It's important to finish the course even if she feels better to prevent re-occurance. It's important to get it sorted as soon as possible as an untreated ear infection can lead to permanent deafness.

I used to get earache quite a lot when I was a kid. My mum used to get a hot-water bottle, cover it with a jumper, then make me lie down with my sore ear on top of it. This elevates the temperature in the ear canal and creates unsuitable conditions for the virus or bacteria causing the problems.

There are ear drops available over the counter that contain a pain reliever. They can help quite a bit. If the pain persists for more than a couple days, or gets worse, or she develops a fever, she may have an ear infection. Because of antibiotic resistance, many doctors don't give antibiotics for ear infections anymore, but if she's suffering I would take her in.

A blowdryer set on low warm.

forest lover
id take her to see a doctor! anything like that needs medical attention.

for earache it is important that you take her to see your doctor. try a warm cloth just now to ease the pain a bit but make her an appointment as soon as possible. sometimes problems with the ears can be serious. you are better to be safe than sorry.

Donot K
How old is your daugher?. Would she of put something in her ear (Foreign Body)

None, take kid to see Doc

Hi Dixie: she has an earinfection because you need to put
some medicated ear drops in side or use cabonproxcide that stuff loosens hard ear wax at lease use a bath towle to cover
her eyes so it wont ruin them .While doing so rub around outside
of ear lobe only as reccomended then drain out good .Last
insert an peace of cotton ball inside tell her to leave it alone!

Abigail F
No you should never mess with your ears if it is still hurting her after a few hours go to the doc's

Mrs B
Put 2-3 drops of olive oil into her ear canal. It has antiseptic qualities, and also helps to dislodge wax or debris that can attract bacteria. If her ear still aches in the morning, ring your practise nurse for advice.

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