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My child has dark black ear wax in her ear and doctor gave me a ear was removal kit?
anyone know an effective way of using this kit?
Additional Details
i have directions... i am looking for someone who has done this before and maybe can say what to expect...i have also called the doctor...

Yes I am a nurse and I have used these before. Follow the directions on the package and just keep squirting in the water until the ear wax comes loose. Then you can CAREFULLY pull it out with a tweezers of a q-tip. Though this may be an unpleasant experience for your child, it wont hurt him/her

If you are concerned about the kit the doc gave you, go to the store and buy some Similisan Ear Wax relief.
It is a drop that you simply put in the ear, plug the ear with a cotton ball so the drops stay in (the dosage is on the bottle)...and VOILA! the ear wax problem is resolved.

the effective way / is to follow directions

Jennifer :)
It's ok to use that kit. Get the water or liquid about room temp. If the water is too cold it will make them dizzy....but if its too hot it will do the same plus burn. Put the solution in thier ear and then use a bulb syringe to gently flush it out with water. It's perfectly safe. The only hard part is getting them to sit still long enough for the solution to work in thier ear. You might want to try this while they're in the bath tub. Less mess that way. I've seen stuff come out of peoples ears as big as your thumb nail. It will look nasty but don't worry. If after doing this he developes some pain call the doc and let them know.

just go by your instruction or what the doc told you, with the kit there is no faster way or other effective way to use this med

Lady Alma of Avalon Grailguard
Your doctor knows, you forgot to pay attention to the care of kids ears.... Can't you remember you mother cleaning your ears when you were little? Those cotton tips, don't work... If anything, the wax gets pushed deeper into the inside of the ear, clogging up the hole corridor... You could try to wash out the ear by using a filled syringe with water... I do not know if it is the remedy, but I would add some salt to the water.
And clean your kids ears, with a common hairpin... It will dig out the wax, and prevent temporary loss of hearing because the ears are plugged shut.

If the kit includes anything to insert in the child's ear, tell the doctor to use it to treat his hereroids.
Rinse the child's ear with hydrogen peroxide. You can buy a pint of it which is enough to last a long time, for less than a dollar. It helps to warm the peroxide slightly before you put it tn the child's ear. With the child on his/her side, using a baby enema syringe or other small apparatus, gently allow about a teaspoon of peroxide to flow into the ear canal.DO NOT FORCE IT OR USE PRESSURE IN ANY WAY!!!!!!!!!! Ideally, the obstruction will float out in a minute or two. If not, repeat the procedure until it works. Don't put anything in a child's ear smaller than your elbow.
P.S. Never trust your child to a doctor who has D.V.M. after his name.

Follow the directions. If you gently squeeze the body temperature water in the ear canal it will soften the ear wax and the wax will come out. It may take several times at putting water into the ear canal before the wax comes out. Make sure the water is not too hot or too cold. This can be uncomfortable or make your child dizzy. Push the water in gently not with a lot of force - remember the ear drum is there and is tender. Just think of how it would feel to you. It does feel strange and is loud when the water goes in so your child may have to get use to it for the first couple times. If they seem to complain that it is painful - STOP and report it to the doctor.

If there are no directions, for heaven's sake call the doctor who gave it to you and ask him/her!

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