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My bf has a temperature of 101.4, and a very sore throat. Should we go to the Emergency Room?
His temperature has been slowly going up all night. He has a very sore throat, and off and on headache. He does not have insurance yes (he just started a new job) and we were going to take him to a walk-in clinic tomorrow because it is very low cost and it’s a flat fee that we can afford. The Emergency Room is as you know unpredictable in price, but I am scared and don’t know what to do. Please if there is a professional nurse ect, your help is greatly appreciated.

you answered your own question...go to the clinic right away...if he cant pay the bill, all you have to do is talk to them once they bill you and work out a payment plan...dont sacrifice his health! you should be putting your shoes on to go to the clinic right now...

make him take a cold shower it will help with the fever
if it still goes higher go to the hospital

and of course take Tylenol

It sounds like the bacteria throat infection that my twin grandsons went to doctor 4 days ago with. They told them unless fever went over 104 or they started convulsing to not call. Did not make me feel secure. But they are getting better & the doctor said it was highly contagious & they were seeing a lot of cases. I think you are safe until tommorrow unless the fever gets really high. All they gave the boys was motrin to take for pain of head & throat.

Alex Trabexk
If he's been running a fever for less than two or three days you shouldn't be concerned. If his temp goes above 104 or 105 then go to the ER. Otherwise, just keep him comfortable with Motrin or Tylenol to control the fever, until you can take him to the clinic. The fact is, if you take him to the ER a 101.4 fever they don't consider it urgent and you'll sit in those uncomfortable chairs all night for nothing. Get some good sleep and go to the clinic in the morning.

If is temp gets up around 104, then YES. If it stays around 101 then i would just stick it out. Try giving him something to lower his temp. Also put him in the shower, the water running over his body will lower his body temp. Also the steam from the shower will make his throat feel better.

Hope he feels better.

But if his temp gets to about 104 get him some help. Organs start shutting down just above that.

Take two Tylenol tablets every four hours. Drink only water and a lot of it. If his fever gets above 102 consider going to the hospital. The walk in clinic will be fine. His sore throat probably means that he'll need an antibiotic.

hi, the only thing I can tell you is give him some tylenol. that should help with his fever.Also you get out cloth soaked in chilled water over his forehead to bring down the fever. make him gargle with hot water and some salt. it will soothe his throat. Ideally he should get an antibiotic coz he seems to be having an infection of the throat, but for that he'll have to get a prescription from a licensed physician.
I'm a medical student so u can trust me on this one. There's no need to worry too much. he should be fine. If his temperature rises above 104 or something then u must definitely take him to the emergency.

Call telehealth 1-866-797-0000 to speak to a nurse.

motrin or tylenol for the fever and it will help with the sore throat. ER visit could cost as much as 750.00 no difficulty breathing? Don;t see why it can;t wait till tomorrow when you can go see a doctor you can afford to pay.
101.4 is not a very high temperature.
drink plenty of fluids and head off to the doctor in the morning. Of course if you are that worried do what ever makes you comfortable

At 101 it is not time to panic. Give him 2 tablets of Advil and that will bring down his temp. Advil you can take every 8 hours. So keep a watch on the times.
If his temp goes up to 104 then its time for the E R. They can bill you too. Then you can pay it off in payments.
BUt wait for the clinic if you can. He might just have just a basic infection. Feels terrible I know. The Med they will give you shouldn't be that expensive either.
For his throat...gargle warm salt water or use a throat spray. Advoid the citrus drops. Lemon and hunny mixed together is a home remedy that can be drank sparling as needed.

No, 101.4 isnt that high, in fact they say that a child can go to school with a temp of 101. But if it gets higher than 103 then go. Right now, he should just rest, drink lots of fluids, and take a fever reducer or advil cold always worked really good with me. A cool/warm bath might help too, and DONT wrap himself in blankets, it will make him worse! I hope he feels better!


put some ice on his head or a wet cloth and let him rest. if he grows higher in temperature over the next few hours take him to the hospital or the doctors.

Sounds like antibiotics may be needed to fight a bacterial infection (sore throat?), so, yes definitely get him to a doctor so he can get medicine. In the meantime, tylenol for fever and gargling with salt water will help. Don't wait too long - if he gets to the ER now, perhaps he won't miss too many days on that new job! Good luck!

Try aspirin and a cool shower/bath. If that doesn't work, go to the clinic tomorrow.

a fever shouldnt pass 104 i think* shes ok for now, just give a aspirin and some cold ICE* Watch for signs of VOMITING as well, that also indicates HIGH FEVER* watch her TEMP ever hour

he's faking it for bj, (i think)

I'm not a nurse but I work with a bunch of them and I really don't think you need to be alarmed unless he gets a lot sicker or the over-the-counter meds don't work.

I'm not a nurse, but my mother (always listen to your mother) said that when a temp is around 104 you could start to suffer brain damage. If you don't decide to go to ER tonight, try to lower his body temperature by putting bags of ice & ice packs under his armpits, and in his groin (where major arteries flow).

I'm not a nurse but I've been sick enough times to know that this is most likely a viral infection or a 'flu. Your bf needs lots of rest, lots of liquids to drink, and give him Nyquil.

Sounds like Strep. He needs medical attention.

no, it is probably strep... you may get it too, but try aspirin, ibuprofen, etc... try a cool bath, warm bath, wrapped up in blankets, etc, and see if that cools him down. keep him drinking fluids no matter how it hurts or he will get dehydrated. fluids are the most important

babie gurl does not know what shes talking about

random woman
tylenol, bath, cloriseptic. he'll be fine. past 104. then go.

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! a 110 degrees is death OFCORSE u hav 2!!!!!!!

for today i'd just give him motrin or tylenol.. and make sure he sips clear liquids... dr. tomorrow for sure

You should go to the dr.

It could be strep throat. You should get to a doctor as soon as you can because I believe antibiotics PRESCRIBED BY A DOCTOR are necessary to treat a strep throat.

I think he should go if it has been lasting for some time and not letting go even with asprin. I asked my wife about it she is a RN in Mexico.

You are alright, for now. Get a big bowl, and fill it with ice, and a little water. Wet a wash cloth in it, and put it on his forehead, and rub it around the face area, and his neck. Keep doing that, to try and keep his fever down. Give him a couple of aspirin, to help with the fever.If the fever goes over 103, then you should go to the emergency room. For his sore throat, put 2 teaspoons of salt in a warm glass of water, mix it up good, and have him gargle with it. That will help his sore throat. He can gargle about every hour, if needed. If he becomes delirious because of the fever, take him to the emergency room right away. I hope this will help you.. Good Luck..

If this was a child,I would say no you can wait. Children tend to run higher temps than adults when they are ill.

Any time there is a fever presenting with other symptoms,it is a sign of some type of infection.

Ibuprofen (Advil) is recommended to be better for treating the sore throat and the fever. It has an anti-inflammatory in it that will help more with the sore throat. However you can alternate every 2 hours with ibuprofen and acetaminophen (Tylenol) as needed to help bring the fever down.

Cool washcloths are also helpful and soothing. DO NOT use rubbing alcohol or a cool bath to try to bring the temp down. These are old wives tales that can have adverse effects and not recommended.

If at any time,you feel the fever is getting worse or he is acting differently, irritable,delusional,something just not like him...it is best to take him to see a doctor or call an ambulance.

You have a lot of different ideas here to choose from,and my best advise to you would be to follow your instincts and take him to the doctor now,to alleviate any more stress on you,him,and the situation.

Good luck


Edit: I just read a few of the other answers here and I would recommend not letting the temp get beyond 102. Also,DO NOT use ice cubes. Advil or Motrin are better for the sore throat AND the fever. Tylenol ONLY helps with the fever and pain but not the swelling.

ALSO,Does he have white spots on the back of his throat? This is an indication of strep and should be treated with antibiotics as soon as possible.

101.4 is really not that high. Just make sure he's drinking plenty of fluids and taking some Tylenol. Keep cold wash clothes on his forehead as well. Keep an eye on the temperature and if it gets past 103 or so, I'd go to the ER.

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