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Liquid bandage on a popped blister?
Is it okay to put liquid bandage on a blister that has popped and the excess skin has peeled off as well?

i wouldn't. It won't be too affective and it might be more open to infection.

icky! :P I would put a regular bandaid on. that way it can still get air and dry a bit.

enoch d
It is going to burn but only for a minute but yes, it's o.k.

Double Dachshunds Owner
I would clean it with peroxide first, but it should be okay.

From an emergency medicine site:
"It’s a great product to use if you get a blister on your foot. "

Yes and No because if your put a liquid bandage on the blister the blister will stay wet and it will not heal fast enough. Yes because it will fell good.

i dont think thatd be a good idea, it might get infected, but if you want to try it go ahead, just have some salt or viniger handy in case it does get infected.

I wouldn't put a liquid bandage on it because a popped blister needs to breathe. Liquid bandages are good for cuts and scraps because the whole point is too keep all the bacteria out, and it covers more thourougly than a regular bandage would.

One Day
That might sting a little.

I usually just put on some ointment and let it sit, dont put anything else over it.

liquid bandage is made similar to derma bond; superglue for your skin. it can seal the area very well.... the flip side to this is that it seals in any bacteria not cleaned off. so only use if you disinfect the area first.

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