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Left hand wont stop shaking?
My left hand is skaking really bad but my right is fine? what is wrong?
Additional Details
My left hand wont stop shaking but my left is fine, what is wrong?


could be any number of things. has anything happened to your hand, arm, wrist, shoulder, neck, back or head recently? are you cold? nervous? did you get something on your hand? if it doesn't go away after a short period of time and you can't think of what may have caused it, call your doctor or go to A&E. even if you can think of what could have caused it, call your doctor. by short period of time, i mean an hour, absolute top.

made me smile anyways.... did not know if you meant for that to happen. Have you called a doctor? If you have Kaiser and can't afford it, call the advise nurse. Good luck

Andrea B
no one can really answer this on yahoo however a neurologist can do some tests t give you some answers - good luck

You should call an make an appt w/ your dr. Though I cant say for sure what is wrong with you I will give you this warning... my brother had the shakes in one of his hands and ignored it all day and he ended up having a seizure and following hand tremors while he was in the hospital did it again.. so it never hurts to be safe instead if sorry.. you know?

Parkinson's disease usually does start on one side. You may be unusually tired. I would definitely let my doctor know what is happing and that I had been doing this. Keep a record of when and how many times and how long the episodes last.

My aunt's hands started shaking and she went to the neurologist and was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease. Shaking can also be a result of medications you may be taking. It's worth the time to be diagnosed by a doctor so you can be properly treated. You don't want it getting worse!

Diana K
have u been using your left hand alot.. like work or in some type of sport.. ur hand is tired.. over used. just ovoid doing things with that hand itll prolly go away the next day

Blue Lagoon
something is definitely wrong...since your brain controls your body's movement I'd say somethings going on in there

turd ferguson [aka 3]
take some more meds and maybe the right will start shaking.

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