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Is surgical spirit poisonous if accidentally swallowed or when used on the skin as a disinfectant ?
I know it can be used on the skin, surely it is absorbed is this not dangerous ? I'm worried to use it for a skin wound though it was recommended.
Additional Details
I must add I know it can't be swallowed and would be lunacy to do so ! I just meant if it is absorbed by the skin is it no dangerous ? I have a piercing and was told to use hydrogen peroxide or surgical spirit, I don't think I should use it on broken skin !

mini the prophet of fubar
surgical spirit on the skin is safe, if you mix it with DR PEPPER it's known as bug juice and is a favoured drink amoung nerds - drinking it neat isnt reccommended though

Better you get some non alcaholic wipes to clean or Savlon spray,another good one is Betadine and cover it with a Melolin dressing ask at your pharmacy for these and read the instructions,Good Luck.

Surgical spirit in itself is non-toxic but what others have not said if you drink it in quantity and over a period of time it can actually blind you. This is used by severe alcoholics as a substitute for a spirit such as whisky. Drink too much in one go and you could die from alcoholic poisoning (as is the case with too much alcohol any way)
It is safe to use on a wound if the doctor says so or has recommend it. a safe disinfectant you can use is TCP.

Inky Pinky Ponky
It is fine to use it on your skin to disinfect a wound, cut or scratch as long as the bottle was sealed. It will not harm you. Its used widely for this purpse. I used it and I am still here years later.

don't swallow it, but you can put it on you skin OK

Surgical spirit is just a purer alcohol - drink enough of it and you'll probably fall over, but excepting a bumped head, it's not going to do you any harm.

If the packaging is OK, you can suppose it is sterile and OK. You should not swallow it without thinning it with water. But why would you drink it? It just tastes like cheap schnapps without taste, only alcohol...
For the wound, go ahead to apply it to disinfects the wound. It is there for this purpose!

I used it on my daughter as a disinfectant and about an hour later she had awful sores, like burns, where it was used. I am always careful with it now. This goes to show it is always wise to do skin tests first.

Katie G
It won't hurt you cleaning a wound with it its fine and smells nice too!!! Don't drink it for the wound though just dab it on the skin its not like headache tablets ha ha!!! I think they use it in hospitals. BUt you know what best thing for cleaning cuts etc is salt water without a doubt, as it brings all the dirt/pus whatever out of the wound. Use that. (and don't drink that either as you will be ill)

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