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Is it true that you can not eat a green potato? Would it really make you sick?

I think it is false. Eating vegetables or fruits before they 'ripen' is not unsafe, just probably not as palatable.

E.g.s of fruits eaten before ripening:
- green mangoes (in thai/vietnamese salads)
- green papayas (same)

It is not true that you cannot eat a green potato

Potatoes are harvested just prior to ripening and are stored in this green state until they are ready for market

A green russet potato might not be as fluffy as one the ones that look more appetizing

But many vegetables are picked when not done with the ripening process and are marketed when they "look" mature

You likely know the difference between freshly-picked produce and that which is picked in advance of having ripened naturally

if u have guts u can

Well...it wouldn't be too appealing to eat a green potato.

Green potatoes should not be eaten. The green color is a sign that the potatoes contain a toxic alkaloid called solanine. This substance is also found in the sprouts and vine and in spoiled potatoes. Discard green potatoes and remove sprouts from potatoes before consuming

Barbara Willenberg, Nutritional Sciences, University of Missouri-Columbia.

I've eaten green potato chips and I'm still alive and i never got sick from it. i think that is just a myth.

ther is a chemical in it that affects the oxygen use in your body (i think) its ok to eat a small amount but if your eating a lot you could in effect drown in air.

you spudhead

katerina c
Yes, it's true. The chemical that the 3rd answerer refers to is called solanine and it is the result of the exposure of potatoes to the light and sun.
For more information, check out this link


Without any intention for cheating, I would like to answer to treknext, that the green colour does not show in our case a not mature potatoe. The green colour is the result of the formation of this alkaloid that we have mentioned; the effect of the ingestion of this alkaloid in our body, depends on the quantity that is ingested. If we are talking about 1 or 2 potatoes, it is obviously limited.


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