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Is it normal to have no feelings?
I feel as though you have no feelings for others like 75% of the time? I am feeling very lost and i dont know why.
Am i bi polar?
Additional Details
and i dont have feelings for myself sometimes.

The goos news is having no feelings is not any sign of Bi-Polar, the bad news is your depressed for some reason. I've gone through this from time to time, when nothing seems exciting and nothing makes you really happy or sad, you just seem to exist from day to day. But dont be too upset, these feelings tend to get better with time and it's a normal part of just being alive and having ups and downs. But ........... if these "non" feelings last for a few months or longer, you may need some help in dealing with your depression - good luck.


I personally am in no position to tell you whether or not you are bipolar. However, here is a great website with a Bipolar quiz on it:


If it gives you a yes, definitely seek counseling. Good luck!

arre how can it be.this is not at all possible .coz we feel by the skin.n how can u be skinless consult a dermatologist.u need help.immediatly

you are normal!

Go to your doctor. I think you are depressed: take zoloft
You'll feel happier, won't feel tired all the time, you can think better and there is more.

Lets talk
It's not normal to feel this way, but it does happen to many people for so many different reasons. Stop and think while being relaxed and find what is is that may have triggered you down look on life. Ask yourself what is it that your missing? When your ready to seek the answer to your question write it down look over it and if someone has hurt you emotionally then do the best thing and comfront them, If theres something thats missing in your life then go out and get it no matter how hard it is. When you learn to acheive this you will feel so much better and don't stop continue. Please visit http://www.glycoscience.org. E-mail and i can discuss more info. You'll find it very interesting and referr others to visit and contact me.

Da' FireDogg
u have them... u just have 2 find them...

You should go talk to a psychologist about this. Having apathy (lack of feeling) could be a sign of some issues that need to get resolved in your life. If you also have low energy, wishing you were dead, inability to have fun with things that you did before, sleep disturbances, anxiety, appetite changes you probably have some sort of depression.

Being bipolar means you are depressed for some time and then go to the opposite spectrum.

Don't jump to conclusions about what you have or what is wrong with you. Go talk to a professional about everything that you are experiencing. When your depression gets better you will feel more concern for yourself first and then have the ability to care for and love others too. This is why people say that to love others you need to love yourself first. You will find your way and not feel lost anymore. Have faith in yourself.

The pink Soccer ball
not bi-polar. Depressed, sorry.

Please talk to someone who can help. My ex had no feelings, which led him to do some way scary stuff. Thats why he's my ex!

yea u bi polar

it's normal for some poeple to have a really hard time expressing their feelings. or are you talking about empathy and compassion for other people? maybe try to imagine yourself in someone else's situation.

i hardly think this is a reason to assume you're bi-polar. that has more to do with mood extremes, like being incredibly hyper and energetic one moment and then slipping into a deep depression.

you may suffer from some sort of disorder like my self i suffer from alcaholism. I've been sober for years i always wonder if up to this day i'm ever going to have normal feelings like other people seem to have, notice i say seem, because a lot of times i may perseve people to have feelings different than mine when they really don't. In real live i may have more feelings than most people but because i'm tired or afraid to get hurt i just shut them down as a safety mechanism.

If you don't have feelings, then you are not human. All humans have feelings and that's a fact.

It is not normal.All humans have feelings ,though the intensity of them may vary from person to person.Surely you feel strongly about something.Maybe you are blocking them as a protective measure.It's not good to keep your feelings bottled up.To do so is like a time bomb waiting to blow.Express Yourself.It's OKAY!!!

No, it is not normal to not feel emotion. It's part of what makes us human beings. If you have trouble feeling emotions, I suggest you see your doctor, tell him/her about this and they can recommend a course of treatment that works best for you.

you should get help...you maybe bi polar or he any other thing you need to see someone!!! there is a lot of thing that will make you feel better!!

Not normal,something is wrong.

No You are Depressed. I suffer the same Problem.

It sounds like you might have a disassociative disorder. You might want to talk to a psychiatrist.

Do you every get hyper, or have your mind race? Bi-polar is when a person cycles from mania to depression. It could also be possible that you for whatever reason are suppressing your feelings. However, it could be depresssion. If you are worried, you should talk to your parents and see a psychiatrist.

There must be feelings more or less. No feelings,I don't
agree with you.

Mista Cee
damn thats not normal at all.

it's not at all,you must find the reason,or visit a doctor.
by the way,are you sure with no feeling,maybe it is your guess, but if you really are try to solve it.

No you are perfectly normal I am like you I dont sympathize niether get angry nor do shy away.

It sounds as if you are suffering from clinical depression. Talking to a professional is your best option. I went through a very rough period in my life, and a therapist was a great help to me, i'm very glad I went.

As far as feeling indifferent to other people, that isn't a major cause for alarm. Many people don't feel strongly about others, either positively or negatively. I told a friend one time "there are six billion people in the word, i just don't have time to care about each one of them."

Bi-polar is a medical condition, and can be managed with medication and other treatments. Only a doctor can assist you with that diagnosis.

Best of luck.


Yes, and no. If you have gone through a hard time, and you realize, with little or no emotions and feeling, you might be better off, you tend to stop having them. As I did, I went though a hard time with my relation ships, and I for the next 5 months turned into an emotionless zombie, I became very logical and direct, however After a while of being with some I care about very much and love, I have tapped into them, and beginning to feel more.

I hope this is the kinda of answer your looking for.

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