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Is it good to take a cold shower when you have a fever?
it feels good, but is it good FOR you?

It feels good,yes.But it won't hurt or really help you.It could help your fever go down,but don't think that's a cure or something.

I don't sgree with taking a cold shower when your're sick. When my kids have had significant fevers I have put them into a tepid bath. That works well to lower the fever.

Some people do take cool showers with a fever. Some people think that it reduces the fever, as long as it is not cold enough to throw you into shock. If the fever is too high, call a doctor.

NO! A fever is a symtom that needs to run its course.It is your imune system doing its job. If you are worried then seek medical advice from a medical professional as it can be controlled with antibiotics or other medication. A cold shower can cause more problems than it solves.

Oddly enough, using hot water will help reduce it.

Physics Student
Yes, it's good to reduce your fever, but don't take too cold of a shower -you'll put your body in shock.

COLD isn't the best idea, but a cool shower won't do you any harm. The best thing to reduce a fever is aspirin or paracetamol (acetaminophen).

It won't hurt anything. It might reduce your fever temporarily, but I've found that letting my fevers burn through generally helps me get better sooner.

oh no not a good idea at all, ur fever might even get worse!! the best thing to do is to sweat out the fever, meaning tuck urself in bed at all times until u sweat so that ur body can fight off the virus!!

Don't think so.
You may get chilled.
Your body is already fighting off an infection...
Take it easy; drink lots; get enough sleep; vitamin C
get well quick!

I think you shouldn't be taking shower. You should be staying in bed keeping warm because you body needs warmth so it can fight of the virus.

doc san
Yes, it is but not always , and very much depends on the factor causing the fever , usually works well when fever is due to exhaustion , stress or when it's some mild allergy infection. and it does helps bring fever down.

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