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Is it better to cover wounds with bandages or expose the wounds to air for the best healing?

Cherry Blossom
A wound needs to be moist to heal and a bandage helps retain moisture. Once it is almost healed, it is okay to leave it open as long as it won't get dirty.

both. first you need to put neosporin on the wound leave it on all day or all night then the next day take the bandage off and let the air get to it.

there are wounds that are best left exposed and there are wounds that should becovered with bandages to protect them from further infections... as far as i know, wounds that are infected should be cleansed regularly.They should be kept dry at all times. Shallow or superficial wounds can be left uncovered.

it depends on the type of wounds.


hi it depends on what type of injury you have.
the best thing is to keep the cut as clean as possible and covered at all times.especially if you work with chemical substances or in a kitchen.
after healing leave it without the bandage so that it can properly heal with the fresh air

It is better to cover the wound because after covering the wound the infection rate was decreased and in the case of dog biting we does not cover the wound

Always cover with clean bandage,and apply antibiotic ointment for fastest healing. Change the bandage once per day.

Iraqi guy
thats depend on the wound size if it was big cover it while the small wounds, u can expose it to air
but in the two ways u have to ensure it will not be contaminated ,can u ?so cover it for best results.

depends on the severity of the wound but you need to keep it clean so a bandage would be best

peace and love
it depends on what kind and how bad the wound is. if there is chance of infection you should cover but be careful change dressings often if they are not applied right they can cause infection, also you should if you can give several hours a day to the air. most people will do this at night when sleeping. be more specific what kinda wound??

the latter

Definitely cover them. Covers act as a sheild from scraping more skin off when you accidentally brush the wound against something.
It keeps dust dirt,grime and insects from landing on it.
Most people will find it gross that you are flaunting your open wound.

I know several people that treat their wound by going into the surf.
They swear by the salt water.
But of course we all don't live on the coast, so keep it covered at night (don't want to bump it or further damage it) and when your out.
I like to keep mine open to the air when indoors at home.
Of course I'm talking about minor flesh wounds here.
Anything larger your Doc would be the best person to listen to, not us.

small cuts>open air / large cuts cover loosely till scabbed and then let open to air as its always better to let air/mothernature/heal the wounds

protect from the air until the scab forms.

clean it well, and bandage it until it starts to get firmer, then the barrier is safe.

after that, the air and light is good for it.

dont pick the scab!

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