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Is it bad to put listerine on open wounds or cuts.?
I have a 2cm laceration on my right hand from punching a bathroom wall out of frustration,i applied some listerine on the open wound hoping to clean it.Is this bad for the open wound or will it cleanse it preventing it from getting infected.?
Additional Details
It's on my index finger and a 2 cm gash on top of my knuckle.

yes it is ..please use neosporin rubbing alchol or peroxide

Haley :)
Don't put Listerine in it that's stupid
Pour hydrogen-peroxide on the wound to disinfect it then cover it with a band-aid or whatever you can get around your knuckle.

I don't think it could be very harmful but i'd say next time use peroxide and neosporin.

Hope that helps.

It's fine to use Listerine or hydrogen peroxide. Just follow up with a small amount of medical cream afterwards. Hopefully you didn't use the flavored stuff only the dark yellow bottle is supposed to be used for that. Years ago that's what everyone used and they had it printed on the container: "For treatment of bad breath, dandruff, or cleaning minor cuts and abrasions." They took it off to change their image and just focus on its use as a mouthwash. I'm a camper, and it is in my camping kit all the time, for mouthwash and for cleaning cuts and abrasions. Technically you don't need neosporin either, as the body will heal the wound on its own, using its own anti-bodies and white blood cells. You should only have to cover it up. Neosporin is for treating a wound that has become agitated or infected from not being kept clean. For children who can't take care of themselves like an adult, Neosporin or first-aid cream is practical. For a burn the story is a little different, but you don't have a burn.

Shannon E.
Yes, it burns like crazy.

yo mom
yes, itll burn

it wouldn't be best because there are chemicals that shouldn't be exposed to open wounds in listerine. It won't prevent infection it'll just lower the chances of it happening.

Use hydrogen peroxide.

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