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Is it bad that I've never been stung by a bee?
Somehow I've made it 24 years without a single sting from a bee, wasp, or hornet. It's partly because I'm so deathly afraid of bugs that I run at the sight of them, LOL. My grandma is allergic to bees, so I've been meaning to get allergy tested. My fiance says that it's bad that I've never been stung before and that even if I'm not technically allergic to them, that I might have a reaction like an allergic reaction if I get stung. I guess what I'm asking is it bad that I've never been stung and don't have any immunity from it?

I hope this makes sense, lol.

why do u wnt to get stung by a bee it pains like hell and why would u want to kill a bee(think).I hv still got a wasp sting mark on my hand so think about it and dont think abt this a bee will surely find u some or the other day

um yeah it wont have ne different effect on u when and if u ever do get stung Hey check out my questions

Hildegardis Bingensis
Some misconceptions there. Your boyfriend is talking about anaphylaxis, which in its worse case scenario is anaphylactic shock which can be fatal. The treatment for anaphylaxis is antihistamines, steroids or in severe cases a shot of adrenalin administered by an epipen.
If you are allergic to bee stings you NEVER gain immunity from them, (as witnessed by my vigilance in carrying an epipen everywhere in case of emergencies). Even if you Grandma is allergic that doesn't mean to say you will be allergic. And severe reactions are rare quote 'Anaphylaxis results in approximately 18 deaths per year in the U.S. (compared to 2.4 million deaths from all causes each year in the U.S.'.

Go get yourself tested. it doesn't hurt and you will know almost immediately how to control and manage your allergies, if you have any.

I would get tested. I know im not allergic because I got stung 2 days ago on my forehead. thats a good way to test it. lol. jk. and chances r that u wont get stung anytime soon.

me Vale MADRE
I havent been stung by a bee ever either and im also 24 i dont think thats bad...

Dj Skillz30
I haven't been stung yet either and I'm 17. It's actually pretty crazy because I've had TONS of bees literally crawling on me and never stinging me, I guess cause I'm not scared of them.

But anyways I'm thinking of getting one to sting me on purpose to see if I'm allergic and I think it might be smart for you to do so also. Because what if your in the middle of nowhere or whatever or away from everyone/everything and you get stung and have a huge reaction to it and you are screwed..

get yourself tested if you you do have an allergic reaction without proper medical attention you could die. and if you aren't then you don't have to be so afraid.tmm

No, it's not bad. It just means your more careful than I am lol. I stepped on so many as a child and got stung on the foot. I haven't got stung in forever now. And only once did i get stung by something other than a honey bee.

Kathleen B
no, i dont think its bad. i actually think you are lucky! im not sure about the whole not-allergic-to-them-but-still-get-aller... thing, but id say if you keep running away from them, you wont have to worry ☺

Think yourself lucky, I've been stung 3 times in 28 years and I'm scared stiff of wasps and run screaming like a girl whevever one comes near me.
I don't think your imunity is affected because you've never been stung.

Immunity? No, not at all. It's lucky that you haven't. A bee sting is only a very small amount of poison hardly injected into the top layer of your skin. It's a good idea to get tested to see if you are allergic though.

lol many people have not got stung by bees.... its just one of those things that may happen or may not.. to me, i think it is good not getting stung by a bee for 24 years! keep going!

not my real name
that is totally insane.

i don't think it is bad.

You could go to an allergist to get just that test.
if you are severely allergic, you will be in the right place.

brittany lynn
its not bad. ive never been stung by anything and im 17. but i mean it could end up turning out worse then someone that has been stung before. all i would have to say is just keep avoiding them like you have been and hope you dont get stung.

no, i wasn't stung until last year, and then i was and it was fine. but if it runs in your family you might want to get tested just to be sure. it runs in mine but me and my parents are all without an allergy so know one really knows.

hope this helps

Bryan M
You need to go get tested for the venom in their stinger.
No ouchies or oowies or whaaies or anything. K? :)

No, that isn't bad. Chances are you are not allergic. It doesn't matter that your grandmother is allergic. That doesn't mean anything. Getting stung doesn't give you immunity to anything.

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